Adam Sandler says therapy changed his outlook on life and comedy

Adam Sandler Uncut Gems Academy Screening

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famous comedian Adam Sandler One of the most trusted and profitable actors in Hollywood. like blockbuster hits billy madison, joy gilmoreAnd Adult Under his belt, it’s hard to imagine a comedy bubble without the 56-year-old actor’s ever-present comedic expertise—which is apparently due to the wonders of medicine.

In an exclusive interview with AARP, Sandler sheds his humorous side and touches on the emotional side of himself, where he reveals that sessions with his therapist have helped him not only with his own life and personal choices, but also for work. A deep appreciation for Saying about the young actors and actresses around him:

“Well, I sometimes talk to a shrink. He’s given me a plan. Sometimes just holding onto a sentence, taking a beat for a minute before doing something stupid. When I do this , then I realize it wasn’t that important to say it in the first place, and I don’t spend two hours making everyone around me feel awkward for no reason. I’m even better at compliments. I appreciate people’s talent rather than compete with it – in every field, in every sport, in every part of showbiz. So many young comedians, so many newcomers on SNL, they just make me laugh. I’ll see someone And I’d say, ‘Man, they’re great. I would never have thought of that joke or that point of view.’ Or my kids will do a new song or podcast and I’ll go, ‘That’s great.'”

Just like the SNL cast that Sandler mentioned big Daddy The star initially began her career as a cast member on the late-night variety show. Years later, Sandler has built his own production house into Happy Madison Productions, and the two have produced and produced comedy films under the label—including a multimillion-dollar movie deal with Netflix.

And while some people still don’t find the divine joy in his movies, Sandler remains humble in his success, which he can happily attribute, at least partly, to the therapy’s positive effects.

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