An unexpected ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ star holds the key to its success

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This is not the Marvel Cinematic Universe darling Florence Pugheneither the actor nor the director Olivia Wildeneither experienced star trek And amazing lady actor Chris Pine who has the key don’t worry darlingIt’s a relative newcomer to the thespian craft, the box office success (or potential lack) of Harry Styles,

Styles, a hit-making singer and former member of the boy band One Direction, has a huge fan following, which reportedly film executives believe is likely to make up the core demographic. don’t worry darling A success, should they choose to go to see it, according to a reveal at Vulture about the film’s turbulent production and marketing rollout.

Of all the catchy names don’t worry darlingOf course, Styles – who was Shia LaBeouf’s last-minute replacement in the film – is perhaps the least experienced in acting. His first role was in 2017 DunkirkAs a minor supporting character, the only other acting credit to his name in a film is a brief cameo as Eros, Thanos’ brother, in the end credits scene for Marvel. Eternal,

That’s not to say that Styles is an outright bad actor by any means. However, we couldn’t help but point out in our own review don’t worry darling — in which we gave the film a good score overall — while Styles is “dutifully charming” for the most part, he still “can’t go toe to toe with Pug when he walks the ramp of the play,” as That we got it, wrote Covered’s Tricia Gilbride.

If the unnamed sources cited in the Vulture article as executives at rival film studios are correct, Styles’ poor performance in the film — or simply not being featured well enough — could be bad news for Warner Bros. Discovery’s desired box office receipts don’t worry darlingJoe can’t stop garnering negative headlines about his alleged behind-the-scenes drama.

“He excites young girls because of Harry Styles, and that’s all,” an anonymous source said in the article.

even if the audience chooses to show for a large number of don’t worry darlingThe opening weekend, based on morbid curiosity about all the gossip surrounding the film, is far from a guarantee of financial success. As the Vulture article explained,

“although that If Comes with a big asterisk: If Styles fans — the film’s primary constituency, all our exec sources agree — feel less than how little the boy-band heartthrob appears in the film, Warner Bros. can expect a swift second weekend dropoff and a rocky one. The road can lead to profitability.

Scored 33 percent while battling bad rotten tomatoes, don’t worry darling With all the drama that reportedly doesn’t seem to break out under the shadow of the on-set drama, the latest report is that the film’s star Pugh and director Wilde reportedly got into a shouting match at one point.

don’t worry darling Playing in a theater near you.

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