‘Blonde’ director believes culture cancellation is behind mixed reception

Image: Netflix

Already on the hunt to be one of the most polarizing movies of the year, White the director Andrew Dominic The film, led by Ana de Armas, has responded to the murmur of troubles behind the scenes.

White Always seemingly controversial, the film was slapped with a rare NC-17 rating before its release. Critics have almost universally praised de Armas’ performance, but many questions were raised about Dominic’s direction and vision for the film.

With mixed response from the audience and critics, Dominic got a chance to speak on the behind-the-scenes issues on the film. There were allegations of possible exploitation of the film as well as being dehumanizing, which claims New Zealander feels have to do with canceled culture.

“We live in a world where you can’t decide what’s canceled and what isn’t and what you are allowed to say and what is not allowed to be said and what is exploitative and what is not. Its Thoughts about it seem to be changing very quickly today and obviously if you have invested a lot of money in something you want to do it with caution.”

Regarding his material, Dominic has been very defensive and has even spoken out in the past about how directing a film with a female lead is completely new to him. Skeptics may have begun to wonder whether Dominic was deliberately setting fire to his comments, having previously stated that the film would “humiliate everyone”.

White Still available to stream on Netflix starting September 28.

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