Cara Delevingne speaks out for the first time since looking chaotic at the airport

Cara Delevingne has left her fans worried in recent weeks when she was photographed barefoot and disfigured at the airport in Los Angeles. The model spoke for the first time since the images, last Tuesday (20), responding to a tweet by author MoloLee Knight, who showed support for her recovery.

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“I’d like to tell you guys about Cara Delevingne. When we at the Hollywood Food Coalition were thinking about how we’re going to open our doors to feed the hundreds of non-domesticated community members every night at the peak of the pandemic, Cara said Quietly wrote a big check. No fanfare. He just did”, reminded the author.

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Then Molly wrote a message of love for the actress on social media. “I see her being written about in the tabloids because friends are reportedly worried about her mental health. She has been open about her mental health struggles in the past. Cara Delevingne, we love you. You are so loved and valued and respected by people you have never met”.

Kara shared the tweet and replied, “Thank you for all your work and support” with a heart emoji.

The artist is going through a delicate moment and worries not only fans, but also family and friends. According to The Sun, a source close said: “The situation has been building up for a few weeks, and Kara’s family has been involved. There is talk of some kind of intervention and making sure Kara gets the help she needs.”

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