David Harbor reveals that at first he thought Stranger Things was going to flop

Stranger Things actor David Harbor confessed during a panel at Comic Con in New York that he thought the series would flop. He revealed that he was talking about it with Vampire Diaries actor Paul Wesley. Both believed that the lack of promotional material in the first season would cause the series to fail. What didn’t happen

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The actor revealed that he was nervous two weeks before the premiere. Since he and his friends came to the conclusion that the show is not going to work. He believed that the series had not gone well, and that it was partly his fault. “I was like, oh no, I blew it. I have one of the lead roles and I blew it,” he said. In the end, the series became one of the most-watched series on the stage in different countries. went, and immediately won over the audience.

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Eventually his worries ended. In the first 16 days on the platform, the show reached the 8.2 million stream mark, and touched on iconic series such as Orange Is the New Black, and a spinoff of Fuller House. The series brings a mix of 80s nostalgia, some science fiction, and dramatic horror. The combination has won the favor of the masses, who are eagerly waiting for the fifth and final season. What will the Duffer Brothers be preparing for this?

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