Does Dora Succeed in Finding Her Mother?

Rainbow, a new Spanish film on Netflix that came out on September 30, 2022, is a modern take on The Wizard of Oz.

Dora Postigo plays Dorothy in the book, Dora, and Carmen Machi and Carmen Maura play two witches and other roles. Paco Leone directed the film, which was mostly about a road trip and had several music scenes.

Even though it isn’t one of the best versions of The Wizard of Oz, it uses a lot of metaphors that can be difficult to understand. That’s why we made a list of everything that happens at the end of the rainbow.

At the beginning of the story, the main character has a simple goal: he needs to find his mother. Hence, she goes on an exciting road trip that helps her grow up. The way she meets challenges and people ultimately shapes her personality. Worse for that, there are also two witches involved, and one of them needs Dora’s blood.

Will things go the way Dora thought they would? What problems will he have to solve before he can find peace of mind? Find out what she wants at the end of the yellow brick road (which is a bit more metaphorical than literal in this movie).

Rainbow ending explained
Rainbow ending explained

How does the rainbow end?

Dora’s life takes another difficult turn after she goes on a long journey to find her mother and she is accused of murdering the country’s second richest man. He learns that his whole life has been a lie and that his present father is not his real father. Once she is released from police custody as the charges against her are shown to be insignificant after watching CCTV recordings of the night, she also decides to release her father.

Finally, we learn that two-thirds of Mr. Arturo Weizeg Molina’s inheritance goes to his only daughter, Dora. It’s all because Maribel decided to get a DNA test done. Coco Cabrera was given half the money, but only until Dora turned 18. The will says that Miss Cabrera gets the last third as well. He is referred to as the “sole proprietor of W Business Group”.

Maribel and Coco had already parted ways, but she returns to the mansion to collect her last belongings. Coco sees this as an opportunity to rejoin her side. After fooling her for so long, she plays the victim card again, saying that she can no longer live without his help, as she is old. It’s a sly way for him to get closer to Dora later.

The two decide to organize a party to celebrate the beginning of a new era in their business and to welcome Dora into the family. On the day of the party, Coco sabotages Arturo’s wealth and pours poison into Dora’s drink. Dora is still on edge, however, because of all the changes in her life. It seems she is not getting used to this new, glamorous way of life. She turns up her nose at the drink and throws the glass.

She walks over to a piano on the lawn and starts playing a happy song, which gets everyone dancing. Looks like he has powers after all. Things also float in the end. After a few seconds of this, Coco starts feeling sick and falls into the pool. It turned out that Maribel had also put poison in her drink.

Furthermore, the lion sees Dora come to life and scares everyone away from the party, only to leave Maribel sitting by the pool with Coco’s body floating in the water. Since the lion does not disturb him while sitting, it seems that he has revealed the lion. He was never interested in money or all these parties.

She decides to live with her birth father after her friend asks her to do so. On the way home, she stops at a diner and orders a cup of latte. She can’t help but stare at the waitress sternly. Once his coffee is brought to him, he learns that his name is Pilar, the same as that of his mother.

Even though she doesn’t talk or follow him, as soon as she steps outside, a smile flashes on her face, and a rainbow shines. So, this suggests that she found what she was looking for at the end of the yellow brick road: a rainbow after a devastating cyclone, that is, a sense of belonging to her family and this world.

Dora is 16 years old and lives in a small town with her father Diego Galen and their dog Toto.

When her father asks her to pick up her birthday cake from the store, she overhears a conversation about how Dora looks more like her mother than her father.

On her 16th birthday, she spends the night with her father, who starts talking about her childhood and how it changed her life.

On the other hand, Dora asks him where his mother is and why he left her. When Diego won’t answer her questions, she takes her dog and goes to find her mother.

She visits the Weizegs house where her mother used to work, and learns about her grandmother, Maribel, who lives with Coco Weizegs.

Rainbow ending explained
Rainbow ending explained

She also meets her cousin there. His cousin gives him the address of another place in the capital city where his mother, Pilar, was last seen.

Maribel and Coco argue about how Dora shows up in their lives out of the blue. During a heated argument, Coco accidentally shoots her husband. He was very ill and had just died.

At the same time his lawyer comes and refutes the claim, saying that no one will believe that the second richest man in the world died that way.

Coco accuses Dora of killing her husband in panic, but Dora runs away before calling the police.

Detective Antonio begins a search for the killer at Coco’s home, where she says that Dora killed her husband. Maribel says that Dora is her granddaughter, even though she thought Dora died when she was born.

The will is brought in by Felix, who is Coco’s lawyer. Since Coco’s husband Arturo had no children, the will states that the property goes to Coco alone.

Along with this, Coco also says that expensive fertility treatment has made her three months pregnant.

Dora continues to move to the capital city, but she meets a drug addict named Muneko, a man named Mr. Bubalu, who tries to kill himself by jumping off a cliff, and a boy named Akin whose brother often Beats her up for separating.

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They all accompany Dora on a journey to find her mother.

Coco tells Maribel that if she wants to be with him and take over the company, she must help him find and get rid of Dora.

Dora and her three friends follow her cousin’s advice and go looking for their mother at a motel in the capital city.

The owner of the motel says that Pilar used to work there a year ago. Dora’s mother is now working in Chinatown.

Coco has a miscarriage and thinks Maribel is to blame for everything. Maribel tells Coco that she left her daughter Pilar to be with her, which breaks her heart, and she decides to leave Coco.

Why did Coco frame Dora for murder?

When Dora visits the address the motel owner gave her, she reaches Chinatown. But Maribel appears in her mother’s place. She tells Dora that Coco is after her and her life is in danger.

When Dora asks Maribel why Coco is accusing her of murder, she finally says that Coco found out that Pilar was pregnant with her husband’s child on the day Dora was born 16 years earlier.

She turned violent and got mean to Pilar and tried to kill her child, but Pilar ran away that day and accused her mother of ruining her life.

She also says that Arturo’s only child, Dora, is the only one who can inherit all his money, which is why Coco is trying to trap her.

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How will Dora get home?

When the police take Dora into custody, Detective Antonio tells Diego that she will be freed immediately because security footage from the murder scene has shown that it was an accident.

Dora tells Diego that he is not her real father, and he tells her that he is going to take her home.

Dora runs away, and Maribel helps her get a DNA test. The trial reveals that Dora is the daughter of the late Arturo.

Because of this, he gets two-thirds of his wealth, while Coco gets the other two-thirds. The new testament says that they are the only ones who own the W business empire.

What does everyone in the party do?

After helping Dora get her due, Maribel goes to Coco to get her belongings.

Coco wants him to be with her again. She tells Maribel that she really loves him, and Maribel decides to return.

Coco and Maribel are now in business together, so they plan a big party and invite Dora over.

Maribel learns that Coco is trying to kill Dora when she goes to a party with Muneko and Mr. Bubalu. She then injects poison into the cocoa drink, which kills her.

Does Dora meet her mother?

After the party, Dora decides to go back to her father’s house and calls Diego.

Then, on the way home, she stops at a diner. From the woman’s nametag, he learns that her name is Pilar.

She looks at her mother anxiously, but she doesn’t tell anyone who she is and leaves the meal.

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