Does The Model Have A Daughter? Fans Speculate After A Certain Photo Of Kendall Jenner’s and Her Famous Friend Goes Viral

Fai Khadra: Does the model have a daughter? Fans speculate after a certain photo of Kendall Jenner and her famous friend goes viral

If you follow Kendall or Kylie Jenner on Instagram, you’ve seen Fai Khadra in a lot of the photos they post.

Fai Khadra is a Social Media Influencer and Palestinian Model born in Los Angeles. She has worked with brands such as Moncler, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang and Bulgari.

fai khadr

fai khadr

Does Model Fai Khadra have a daughter?

Fai Khadra has not publicly said whether he has children or a daughter. But he once posted a picture of himself with a young girl and wrote “Miss my lil one.” It is not clear whether the girl is his child or not.

There were rumors that Kendall and Khadra were dating after they went to Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s wedding. However, the model said that the rumors were not true.

Kendall wrote next to a picture of herself and Khadra on Instagram, “We don’t date; He’s just my date.”

But in November 2019, when she posted pictures of the couple with their baby on Instagram, the catwalk star joked about having a family with Khadra.

Later, Kendall’s sister Kylie added fuel to the fire by posting an Instagram photo of herself posing with Khadra and tagging Kendall. Looks like it’s an attempt to start a fun fake fight. Are we in a fight?” Kendall said about something that was funny about the picture.

Facts about Fai Khader

  1. Khadra has Palestinian roots, even though she was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Interview Magazine says her mother, Rula, owns The Art of Living, a high-end lifestyle store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Fai’s father is a collector of fine arts, but not much is known about him.
  2. Khadra has never publicly spoken about his relationship with Kylie or Kendall, but in 2014 his name was linked to Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor. They broke up after being together for a year. She was also seen shaking hands with Jordyn Woods, who used to be Kylie’s best friend.
  3. Khadra is friends with many famous people including Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Bella, Gigi and Hailey Bieber. If you look closely, you can find them all over social media.
  4. Khadra is a talented songwriter who has written songs for artists such as American singer-songwriter Justin Skye and British singer Blood Orange. They put a song called “Love It”, but YouTube has removed it. But on SoundCloud, he still has two tracks from 2016.
  5. He has 2.5 million followers on Instagram, making him a social media influencer, and he often sits at the front row at fashion weeks around the world.
  6. He has younger siblings Simi and Hayes, who are twins and have been going to Fashion Week since the age of 14. They are now a well known DJ duo known as Simihaz.
  7. At Kendall Jenner’s Halloween-themed birthday party in 2021, socialite Sidney Carlson took a photo of Fi and the influential Victoria making out. Later in the night, Villaroel shared a private photo of the couple in the photo booth.
  8. The model is 31 years old now. Her astrological sign Virgo shows that she is curious, good at research, and has a strong sense of intuition.
  9. After graduating from high school, Fai went to the University of Southern California. He went to the same college and obtained a bachelor’s degree in architecture.
  10. When a photo of Phi from 2013 appeared online, fans wondered if she had had plastic surgery. In the post, some of his fans said that he has changed his look by adjusting the nose.
fai khadr

fai khadr

quick Facts:

Full Name fai abu khadr
profession Model, Singer and Social Media Influencer
date of birth 9 September 1991
age 31 years
birth place Los Angles, United States
siblings Simi and Haze (Sisters)
Mother Rula Khadr
Religion Muslim
height 6 feet 2 inches

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