“East New York”: Filming Locations Of The Upcoming CBS’s Drama And More Updates

East New York is a police procedural drama series that aired on CBS and was created by William Finkelstein and Mike Flynn. The series focuses on the members of the 74th campus of East New York, which is located in Brooklyn.

East New York Series
East New York Series

Sub Inspector Regina Heywood was recently promoted to head the division, and in her new role, she has high aspirations to unite both her police and detectives in their efforts to keep the city safe. However, it appears that not everyone is happy with his rapid climb up the ladder or the unorthodox approach he brings to the table.

As a result, Regina needs to challenge all preconceptions she’s created about herself, as well as ensure that the 74th Precinct performs efficiently in its mission to protect the people of Brooklyn from criminal activity.

Apart from the excellent performances and thrilling drama of the cast, the attention of the audience is drawn towards the realistic city scene in which the story takes place. No one can guess whether “East New York” was shot on location in the borough of Brooklyn. If you too are interested in learning more about this topic, keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

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“East New York”: filming location

The entirety of “East New York” was shot in New York State, specifically New York City. It appears that principal photography for the first edition of the police drama began in the summer of 2022. The story is bound to revolve around New York City, thus it is not surprising that the filmmakers have chosen this city as the setting for themselves. Production. Let’s not waste any more time, shall we? Let’s immediately take to the streets with Regina and her squad, where they fight crime!

New York City, New York

Most of the action in ‘East New York’ takes place in New York City, the most populous metropolis in the United States. The cast and crew of the CBS show recorded all scenes on location in the borough of Brooklyn, traveling several different streets and neighborhoods during production. Nevertheless, it is most likely that the images representing the interior of the 74th Precinct office were recorded in a studio environment.

In an interview in September of 2022, actress Amanda Warren, who plays Regina Heywood on the show, discussed her time spent filming in the Big Apple. She commented that “What’s so great about filming here is that we’re in East New York, and then around that, you really get a sense of what the community is like.” This was in reference to the place of production. There are lots of incredibly charming people here, as well as really fascinating parks, leisure areas, and things to do. And that’s something we want to emphasize throughout the course.”

A large number of notable television shows have been filmed in New York City, including “Severance,” “Only Murders in the Building,” “Law & Order,” and “Succession.” It is a very popular location for filming. New York City is located on the top of the Hudson River and is made up of the five boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx and Queens in addition to Staten Island. It is a major center of international trade and commerce as well as arts, culture, education, fashion industry, tourism and technology. In addition, the city is home to many world-renowned landmarks and tourist attractions, such as Times Square, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to name just a few.

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“East New York”: summary

East New York is a poor, working-class neighborhood located on the eastern side of Brooklyn. The series follows Regina Heywood, who has recently been appointed to the rank of police captain in East New York. Amidst social upheaval and the early stages of gentrification, he is in charge of a diverse collection of officers and spies, some of whom are reluctant to implement their inventive methods of serving and protecting the community.

East New York is a working class neighborhood located on the outskirts of Brooklyn. Regina Heywood was promoted to the rank of sub-inspector for East New York. Amidst social upheaval and the first stages of gentrification, he is in charge of a diverse collection of officers and spies, some of whom are hesitant to apply their inventive methods of serving and protecting the community.

“East New York” : Production

Finkelstein and Flynn have been given writing and executive production duties. Mike Robin of SkyMac Productions, who has served as an executive producer on television shows such as All Rise and Major Crimes, is also working in that capacity for Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam CJ Walker, which Being produced by Wonder Street. Mark Holder and Christine Holder. The production company is Warner Bros.

During the pilot season, the series will be evaluated for its possible distribution during the 2022–2023 television season.

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