Fans of the Grimes Appearance Are Guessing What Plastic Surgery She Had

Grimes attends the 2019 Rock Nation The Brunch on February 9, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Vivian Killilia / Stringer / Getty Images

Grimes It caught the attention of fans last month when the father of Elon Musk’s youngest children made a very unusual request for plastic surgeon recommendations on Twitter. And a month after sharing a post-operation photo, fans are trying to figure out what worked for the 34-year-old.

“Two years ago I made an appointment with a great plastic surgeon, thought I wanted to turn things around by my mid-30s, but then I forgot and never thought about what I should do,” says Grimes, who Claire Ellis Boucher was born, tweeted on 15 August. “Any face mods that you think would look good on me?” In parentheses, she said that the elf’s ears were not an option, but a separate discovery – as if it were the most common and appropriate thing in the whole world.

Then, on September 17th, she gave fans an update by bandaging her head and taping her forehead, making it seem like she went with a “different discovery” of elf ears, whatever it may be. “I’m crazy!” He tweeted.

Other than her lips, which clearly contained fillers, it wasn’t immediately clear what Grimes had worked on. And now, a week later, Grimes has shared another post-op photo without the bandages, but it’s still unclear.

“R selfie obsolete yet?” She tweeted sharing another picture of herself with huge lips and braided her silver-lavender hair in a pigtail. “I’m very seriously considering getting a white ink tattoo on my face next week. Any ideas? Looks like the time has come.”

It is possible that she has received cheek fillers, as it appears to be a surgical scar on her right cheek. This author is of the opinion that he may have pinned his ears back, a procedure known as otoplasty – which may have been the first step in his exploration of elf ears.

But of course, this is all just speculation, as his fans also went into serious detective mode trying to figure out what was different.

“What surgery did you mention here, we want to know,” Asked One Twitter user, while another suggested: “You can see where the injections were on her lips, but I thought there would be elf ears under the head wrap and you don’t have to be in a hospital gown for fillers, so that’s what I’m thinking.” “

Others expressed concern about Grimes’s rapidly changing nature. “The post-billionaire body dysmorphia phase is in full swing!” tweeted another user. “Don’t cut yourself too much, you’re fine as you are.” other Ongoing that she was “having an allergic reaction” and needed an epi-pen or that She doesn’t look like herself anymore.

In any case, try as fans, it doesn’t seem like that’ll stop Grimes from getting a face tattoo or elf ears, so everyone can get used to the idea now — for better or worse. . (But almost certainly worse.)

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