Gone Girl (2014) Ending Explained – Why does Nick continue his relationship with Amy?

Gone Girl (2014) Ending Explained – Why does Nick continue his relationship with Amy?

Gone Girl Plot Synopsis

Gone Girl is considered one of the darkest movies ever made, and the main character is more than one. Amy Elliot Dunne. The Machiavellian main character and villain in Gone Girl is one of the most interesting anti-heroine characters I’ve seen in a while.

Gone Girl, a 2014 psychological thriller based on a book by Gillian Flynn, was directed by David Fincher. Modern Mystery is about Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, the prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife Amy, played by Rosamund Pike.

Calling the main character’s girlfriend crazy, bad, or even just mentally insane would be a way to hide both the character’s astonishing talent and the complex web that Flynn has created around her.

The psychologically difficult-to-understand film became popular because it featured Amy Elliot Dunne’s fantasy of ultimate revenge for a woman. The story is about how her husband cheated on her, and she wants him to pay for it. She could embarrass him in public, tell everyone about his mistress, or break away from her and financially ruin her. Amazing Amy’s only option was to fake her death and place the blame on her husband.

In the end, it was the perfect crime. Nick stole her hope, pride, dignity, and money, and she didn’t stop until she was the same person she used to be. He killed his alter ego. “Amazing Amy” was struck by him.

Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl (2014)

How is Amy’s character influenced by her childhood?

Nick tells Amy that his parents are terrible. He comes to the idea that his personality flaws were caused by them, and realizes that he never felt emotionally valid. He thought she had to be a fake Amy, a fake Amy in order to be liked and loved.

In one scene, her father asks her to give her some “Amy color” by talking to reporters and bloggers. “People want to hear what you have to say,” he says. We all know that when he says “you,” he means the bright and vibrant Amy. Nick then says, “Your parents stole your childhood,” but she tells him, “No, they made it better.”

As a child, Amy’s emotional needs were not met, so she learned to put her parents’ needs before her own. She realized that when she hid who she really was and played a character, a fake version of herself, that her parents accepted and validated her feelings for. As time went on, the version of himself he had created became a part of him.

Why does Amy want to punish Nick?

The film tells the story of Nick Dunne and his wife Amy Dunne during the rough times of a bad marriage. At first everything seems fine, but then life starts getting in the way, and problems start appearing in their relationship and their lives.

Nick cheats on Amy when they are having trouble making a living and are stuck in a bad marriage. Amy wants to be with Nick too, so she goes missing one day and leaves behind a well-thought-out plan that will land Nick in prison for her murder.

What motivates Desi Calling to help Amy?

The ending of the film is still, without a doubt, the best part of it. The ending is brutal, unbelievable and terribly disturbing. This will make you feel uncomfortable for a long time after the credits roll.

After her money is stolen by her neighbors in the Ozarks, Amy ends up going to her ex-boyfriend Desi Collings, even though she had a restraining order against him.

Desi wants to get back with her, so when she assures him that Nick was violent and had to leave, he agrees to take her. Meanwhile, Nick is in jail because they found evidence against him which was very bad. After that, he makes an emotional confession on TV to try to forgive Amy.

What happens after Amy kills Desi?

Amy pretends to have sex with Desi and runs away before slicing her throat with a box cutter. She then goes to Nick with Desi’s blood. She says that Desi abducted and raped her, which was confirmed by the fact that Desi’s sperm was found inside her. He also put a video and multiple injuries on Desi to make it appear that she was guilty. This strengthens his case even more.

The FBI has no choice but to believe her words, even though the principal investigator, Detective Rhonda Bonnie, is smart and questions any holes in her story. When she returns home, she and Nick lie about being the loving couple that everyone thinks they are.

At the end of Gone Girl, why does Amy go back to Nick?

Nick decided to participate in her sport and do what she wanted. Therefore, he pretended to be the person he thought he should be. He decided to pretend to be “Amazing Nick” to bring him back because it was better than dying. “I was a bad husband to a great wife,” Nick said in the interview. He said this both to praise him and to criticize himself. He understood that she wanted him to call her “Wonderful Amy.” He knew that he wanted everyone to make a good impression on him. He even says that he is a con artist so that she can act like the boy she wants.

He says that when they got married, he promised to be “that guy”, the role she wanted him to play. He says that instead of doing what was right, pretending to be who she wanted to be, she did what was easy, to be herself. The irony is that pretending to be someone else is easier than yourself.

She wanted to be as perfect as she was. Nick had become awkward for her. She was used to a certain version of him, but he was slowly becoming himself, and she says he turned into someone she didn’t want to marry.

During the interview she changed her mind and decided to get back to her. She was so in love with the fake image of Nick that she gave up her revenge fantasies and tried to get back with him.

There are two different aspects of Nick and Amy in the film.

Nick is who he says he is when he had an affair with a student, is in love with his sister Margo, and is a quiet, easy going guy. Amy fell in love with Fox’s Nick, who worked and delivered an emotional speech for his wife on national TV.

Fox Amy is the nice, sweet and innocent “cool girl”, which is weighed down by her fame. She is a good wife, daughter and young girl. The real Amy is a nerve-wracking, sneaky strategist who always tries to be in the spotlight.

Nick’s relationship with Amy doesn’t make sense.

Amy tells Nick that when she tried to talk to him on live TV, she came back and did it only because she wanted him to be that guy. She tries to convince Nick that she won’t hurt him, and she tells him that she wants him to take responsibility and for the mistakes they made together.

The situation gets worse as Amy starts acting like a perfect wife by making breakfast. Nick decides to publicly shame Amy for his actions, but he is shocked when Amy tells him that she has become pregnant using Nick’s sperm that was placed in a sperm bank for testing. He fights with her and tries to leave, but Amy says that if he’s gone she won’t need to tell her kid to hate her, so she has no choice but to be with him.

As the credits begin to roll and they announce Amy’s pregnancy on TV, the couple continues to headline their family life, while also finding a book deal, a movie offer, and a dealership for Nick and Margo’s bar. Receive.

At the end of the movie, they’re still an awkward couple that doesn’t work out. They also agree in a roundabout way to stay together and play Fox Nick and Fox Amy. That’s why Nick and Amy are almost perfect for each other. They bring out each other’s bad, which makes the last shot of Amy’s face look very different to Nick’s face.

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