Grayson Chance calls Ellen DeGeneres “manipulative,” “self-centered” in shocking new interview

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in a new interview with Rolling stoneSinger-songwriter Greyson Chance said of the TV personality about her traumatic experiences working with Ellen DeGeneres over the years: “I’ve never been more manipulative, more self-centered, and more outright opportunistic than anyone. Haven’t met.”

At age 12, Chance became a national sensation after a video of Lady Gaga performing “Paparazzi” at school went viral. In the wake of Justin Bieber’s success, music industry executives were scouring the Internet for untapped talent, and the prospect was exactly the same when DeGeneres and her team asked her to guest on their day out. The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2010.

Needless to say, the first years were a whirlwind for the young musician. Inspired by Chance’s success on the show, DeGeneres launched the Eleven-Eleven record label, and signed her as her first artist. As she recalls from those early days, the host was “really invested” in her career—to the point that she “became overbearing and very controlling.”

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During the confessional interview, Chance detailed the shocking ways DeGeneres attempted to take the reins of her life, such as when she called her mom, Lisa, and reprimanded her for not watching Bieber’s documentary. , never say Neverduring the tour.

“My whole week, my whole month, my whole year can change” [with] A text message from her,” explains Chance. “That was terrible.”

But things began to change when Chance’s career slowed down. He claims that DeGeneres “completely removed” herself from her life when her label bombed her second project. He was quickly put down by Interscope (which distributed music for the Eleven Eleven label), claiming that his entire management team soon disappeared.

“I couldn’t hold her. Couldn’t talk to her,” he says.

Although the chance will appear The Ellen DeGeneres Show Several times over the years, he says, the mood had completely changed from their initial conversation. The musician’s account has led to several allegations against DeGeneres in 2020 from former employees who claimed the host presided over a “toxic work environment.”

speak with Rolling stoneOf course, Chance’s mother shared her view of DeGeneres’ work ethic and role in her son’s career: “I think Ellen is a business woman. And if something isn’t trending the way she wants to , then she’ll end it because it’s business for her. It’s not hot and fuzzy.”

“I don’t think she invited people to be a part of her life or took anyone under her wing like she did if she didn’t want to see something. If it wasn’t going fast enough for her, then only He started shutting us down or shutting us down.”

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In the years since working with DeGeneres, Chance has come out as gay and continues to release music, last visiting her show in 2019. However, he was invited as a guest in the last week. The Ellen DeGeneres Show Earlier this year, the musician refused. As he saw it, the program was a “place of active trauma for me.”

“The first part of my career, I’m so thankful for him and that team,” Chance says. “But the reason I’m here today talking about an album, I owe nothing to her. Because I was the one who had to pull myself up. She got nowhere.”

With the arrival of his brand new, third studio album, DurgChance elaborated on Instagram why now was the right time to get it off your chest:

“Writing this album forced me to look dead in the eyes of my past, and reconcile what I did as a kid. I feel a tremendous weight off my shoulders now that the truth has come to the fore. [Rolling Stone and Tomás Mier] Who helped me take this step and told my story honestly and with all my heart. ,

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