Harry Styles team refuses to spit on singer’s coworker Chris Pine

There are many rumors of controversy over the new film ‘Chinta Na Karein Darling’. One of them is that Harry Styles may have spat on his co-star Chris Pine during a screening of the feature at the Venice Film Festival. The singer’s team immediately denied the rumor, and Harry even made fun of the matter. The rumor started when a video started circulating on the network which showed some strange gesture by Harry sitting next to Chris.

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The singer made fun of the situation, saying that the story was ridiculous and was made to create speculation. “A completely concocted story, the result of a strange online confusion,” declared his publicist. The statement was published by the British newspaper The Guardian, and it strongly denied that Harry spat on Chris. The actor has not commented on the fact.

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The backstage of the film is already the subject of many rumors of fights and questions between the actors. According to the most famous rumor of the time, the lead actress, Florence Pugh, dislikes the potential flexibility and differentiated treatment Harry is receiving. Director Olivia Wilde, who recently broke up, is apparently dating Styles, and doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with Pugh. She appears in a video referring to the protagonist as ‘Miss Flo’, leading to speculation of a possible disagreement between the two. The reactions of the actors during interviews and press conferences regarding the film also create a strange situation in the public. In fact, Florence did not participate in any of them and did not advertise the film on her network. The actress’s advice stated that her absence is due to her participation in the recording of ‘Dunes 2’.

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