Henry Cavill as an X-Men OG Wins MCU Supporters’ Approval

Henry Cavill MCU Beast X-Men

credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images/Marvel Comics

MCU The diehards have been fan-casting the X-Men long before there was official information about the franchise’s inclusion of mutants, and after Bruno dropped the hint of the century in the finale Ms. Marvel, those efforts are only skyrocketing; Taron Egerton as Wolverine almost seems to have been predicted at this point.

One of the fanbase’s most popular candidates to bring the X-Men to life Henry CavillFans who are hoping the DC Extended Universe will be to blame in exchange for a role in one of the most anticipated groups in MCU history.

And so, armed with an inspired fan-casting potential and documents to back up his argument, an optimistic fan took to r/marvelstudios and said that Cavill had joined the MCU as a certain fan-favorite Blue Mutant, And the Reddit public rushed in with approval.

One user thumbed up with an asterisk on whether Cavill might be too old to bring the character to life; We last saw the Beast as a little man dark PhoenixBut historically, it has been common for him to be one of the older members of the X-Men, even a peer and peer to Professor X.

While not outright disagreeing with the choice, a handful of other users were already sold out the IT CrowdMatt Berry for the role of the Beast, and Cavill couldn’t take him out of his mind.

Another responder suggested that Cavill was attractive enough that the character didn’t have the copious amounts of makeup needed, but a counterattack suggested that it would only improve the casting work for the character.

In any case, we’re still a few years away from seeing the X-Men debut in the MCU, so fans will probably hold their breath for a long time. But, Cavill or No Cavill, Dr. Hank McCoy would be a tremendously exciting addition to this beloved cast of heroes from the multiverse.

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