How to Easily Track Your International Parcel Using China Post Online

People found it difficult to track packages centuries ago, when cities had no technological advances to protect the interests of customers. The reliance on intelligence received from passengers along with other means of information was not sufficient with regard to obtaining updates. This situation affected the delivery of letters, not just parcels. When post offices came into existence, people were relieved to know that they could visit an office to get updates about the location of their parcels. Chinapost Tracking It goes a step further in ensuring that these updates are available to customers who can access them from the comfort of their homes.

3 things you didn’t know about parcel delivery

Below are some fun facts about parcel tracking:

Parcel delivery started in Egypt

The pharaohs used courier services to deliver correspondence and other relevant documents as far back as 2400 BC. This shows that parcel delivery has been in existence since ancient times. However, it is uncertain how these parcels were tracked given the lack of technology. Innovative technologies support the logistics industry in today’s world through sharing updates on your deliveries.

Parcels delivered through the London Underground network

London established the mail rail system to promote prompt delivery of parcels to customers. It now serves as a museum after closing in 2003. This system enabled courier services to avoid the congestion on the bustling streets of London. In recent times, tracking technologies have been able to consider route options to promote quick delivery while sharing updates with customers.

Millions of parcels are delivered daily around the world

Millions of parcels are sent daily to customers in different parts of the world. It explains the status of lost and misplaced packages during the transit of parcels. It is on this basis that customers are advised to use reliable courier services who have gained experience in the industry. Courier services also offer an advantage with tracking technologies as compared to regular postal delivery. It answers the popular question, “Can I track my package?” Prior to 1635, courier services were exclusive to the royals and nobility of England.

Royals and aristocrats in the United Kingdom had exclusive access to courier services. It was only made available to the public in 1635 during the reign of King Charles I, and it continues to serve the public. The courier services used for parcel delivery from China are available to all irrespective of one’s status in society. The affordable price also makes it the preferred choice for parcel delivery.

Is China Post reliable to track my parcel?

You can rely on China Post Tracking to get your parcel delivered as it has a global reach with respect to the countries the post office service is in. Your parcels are also secure and can be delivered within 7-10 days if you are in Asia, or at a reasonable time depending on your location. When your parcel is registered, Chinapost will compensate you for a lost package, if requested. The best part is that tracking the package is easy as you can access the information online. However, you do need to obtain a tracking ID so that you can fully benefit from the Chinapost tracking experience.

When do I start tracking my parcel?

When your package is registered, the update will be available in less than 5 hours. However, it is recommended that you start tracking after 2-3 days of registration. This is because the China Post tracking system takes some time to reflect the information on its online platform.


The possibilities of parcel tracking continue to expand as technology has evolved in recent times. When you use your tracking number, you have access to information, which is better than going to a Chinapost office to get updates on your parcel.

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