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In 2022, Janelle Stephens, a mother of five and the inventor of Camille Rose Naturals, had a net worth of $1.9 million. Stephens was the sole owner of the company.

Janelle Stephens Pic
Janelle Stephens Pic

Her shampoos, conditioners and body care products are completely natural and cruelty-free.

In 2010, Janelle founded the company with the intention of creating and promoting handmade hair, skin and body care products for contemporary natural hair, placing a high value on their overall health, beauty and wellness.

At this very moment, the Camille Rose brand is climbing into hitherto unknown territories. By using his firm to break into the events sector, Stephens achieves his long-standing ambition.

The 14th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicks off on Sunday night after the final installment of the three-part reunion. However, women have started gathering at home to get ready for the shooting of the fifteenth season.

According to the publication, Janelle Stephens, founder of Camille Rose Naturals and a successful entrepreneur in the cosmetics sector, is expected to become a member of the ensemble, perhaps playing a full-time or “friends” role.

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Janelle Stephens: The Entrepreneur’s Impressive Net Worth

As per calculations done by Distractify, Janelle Stephens has a net worth of around $1.9 million. Janelle, a former physician who later had children, developed a passion for hair and skin care products after the birth of her children.

She formulated a plant-based diet with an emphasis on natural foods, and used the same natural ingredients as the basis for the skin care products she developed to treat eczema and diaper rash in her children.

Because Stephens lacked any prior experience in the corporate world, she initially found it challenging to assert herself and believe she understood better than others. But after reading Oprah Winfrey’s What I Know for Sure, Stephens’ favorite book, she learned to accept the fact that no one could tell her story as well as she could herself.

Janelle Stephens: Success Story

There are currently over 600 locations that sell Camille Rose Naturals products. These locations include Target, Wal-Mart, Sally’s Beauty, CVS, Whole Foods and many more. Stephens, who currently lives not far from Atlanta, only recently realized that the metropolitan area was the optimal environment for her business to expand.

During those initial struggles to resolve her kids’ skin care issues, doctors suggested that Stephens start reading labels on the products her kids use. He had a habit of reading labels on products and using Google to search for anything he didn’t understand. Apart from this, she also used to talk to her doctor’s husband.

Stephens insists that she was completely unaware of the natural hair movement when she was coming up with formulations for her products, despite the fact that she is the most well-known name in the natural hair care industry.

Camille Rose has managed to achieve success in an industry in which many others have unfortunately failed. This has been accomplished by engaging with their fan base through the use of several innovative products, such as hand sanitizers, and energetic live streams.

Janelle’s Dedication to Bringing Customers the Highest Quality Products

Even though her products are now sold on the shelves of big-box stores, Stephens makes it abundantly clear that she has left no stone unturned in her commitment to using only natural ingredients in the manufacture of her wares. Finding partners who are committed to the same values ​​as her can be challenging at times.

After the 2008 economic downturn, Camille Rose expanded without difficulty and became the formidable force she is today. 2011 marked the year of the official launch. Because Stephens didn’t need to rely on money from her business for her family, she was able to spend her time building the brand’s reputation and letting the quality of the handcrafted products speak for itself.

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Founder of the Janelle Ennis Stephens Foundation

Janelle is the proud founder of the Janelle Ennis Stephens Foundation, a charitable organization that helps inventive and ambitious women as well as suffering mothers and families. Stephens continues to draw inspiration from the people who give her life and energy, including her friends, family, and clients.

Seeing Camille Rose grow not only as a successful business but an integral part of her lifestyle serves as a driving force for Stephens.

As Camille Rose gains notoriety on a global scale and Stephens continues to experiment with new ingredients in her kitchen at home, maintaining a stress-free state becomes increasingly important. However, the ardent vegetarian and fitness enthusiast makes sure that he finds time for himself as well.

With the help of the Janelle Ennis Stephens Foundation, Stephens hopes to take some of the pressure off women. This is because Stephens is well aware that not all women in the past have had the privilege of receiving his help. As a result, she wants to help women who haven’t had this privilege.

The non-profit organization began by providing an additional one thousand dollars per month to working single moms to help pay the bills. Later, it expanded its services to include assistance with childcare costs so that women could continue to grow and provide them without worry.

Janelle Stephens: Husband Johnny J Stephens Jr.

Dr. Johnny J. Stephens Jr., a hematologist and oncologist who practices in Tiffon, Georgia, has been married to Janelle Stephens since 1996. Doctor. Johnny J. Stephens Jr. also has practice at Tiffon. He has received training in both medical treatment of tumors and issues related to blood.

Janelle and Johnny, who met and fell in love in college, had five children together. Despite the fact that they’ve built their lives together, Janelle and Johnny are clearly still head over heels in love with each other.

In November 2021, she uploaded photos to her website to commemorate the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary. Photos show Janelle and her husband several years after their first marriage and attending an elaborate ceremony with all their children in attendance.

Janelle Stephens Loves Her Family

Stephens claims that since he was raised in a warm and nurturing environment, his family encouraged and supported him in all his endeavors, whether that favored taking risks or being on the safe side of things. be in

In later life, when Stephens was faced with the decision of whether or not her children should be given potentially deadly drugs for their severe eczema, the wife and mother of five took the courage to handle matters on their own. decision made. Stephens’ decision was successful.

As Stephens began doing the necessary research, mixing premium, all-natural blends on his own, and making other lifestyle changes, he and his family began to experience positive results. After receiving several requests from members of his extended family, other family members, and acquaintances regarding his belongings, Stephens decided to start a website.

As the brand expanded beyond the confines of its online presence, it reached out to a trusted friend in her field to take things to the next level.

The company and the five children who serve as its inspiration are currently experiencing growth. They use Camille Rose Naturals products over and over, but in addition, they learn useful skills for everyday life. According to what he shared in an interview with Forbes, his sons prefer a hair setting gel, known as a curl maker, while his daughter opts for a leave-in conditioner known as Fresh Curl. Is known.

questions to ask

What is Janelle Stephens Net Worth?

Janelle Stephens has a net worth of $1.9 million.

Who is Janelle Stephens’ husband?

Janelle Stephens’ husband Dr. Johnny J. Stephens Jr.

How many children does Janelle Stephens have?

Janelle Stephens has 5 children.

Janelle Stephens: Personal Information

Full Name Janelle Stephens
profession entrepreneur
marital status married
husband Dr. Johnny J. Stephens Jr.
Children 5
net worth $1.9 million
hair color black
eye color brown

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