#Instagramdown trends in a stroke of good luck for Adam Levine

Instagram shut down on Thursday and social media lovers went crazy. Either that or they just got on Tiktok or Twitter. However, a person hopes that this major issue will work in his favor.

maroon 5 frontman adam livine Behati has been extremely busy during his marriage to Prinsloo, sending overly flirtatious messages to several different women and even reportedly meeting with at least one of them. Levine denies physical contact, but most of the convoy confirms (which he has to do, given that his screenshot is proof). Despite one of Levine’s messages to IG model Sumner Stroh, “You’re 50 times hotter in person!” It makes one wonder how he would know if he didn’t meet her, but we repent.

Instagram being down means Levine has been dealt a whiff of potential good luck here. With more women coming out every day, including today, whether with screenshots or Levine’s claims, it can be assumed that there is no one on this planet more hopeful than Levine that this Instagram issue will somehow permanently destroy all DMs. Will delete from whoever sent it. Him. Don’t get us wrong, it hasn’t happened and probably won’t, but we can’t blame Levine for not wanting it.

It has also occurred to us that there is a slight possibility that given the situation Levine is in, he may or may not have hired some hackers to harm social media DMs. To try and get to the truth, we reached out to Levine’s team (at least, we think it was Levin’s team), but have yet to hear back. are we taking things too seriously here we got this Covered? Maybe, but if we didn’t take it seriously, who else is going to uncover the truth of this Instagram dilemma?

We have a friend on the site who is also a spy. We can’t use his real name, so we’ll refer to him as “Jay Doe.” Jay Doe just revealed some big breaking news to us, but Jay is determined to embark on this investigation to find out if Levine is really behind this Instagram shutdown. We spoke to J a moment ago and J says little progress has been made so far, but adds that when Instagram comes back (if it ever comes back!) that if all DMs are deleted , then it will raise a red flag about our potential suspects. Jay says it’s also possible that if the hackers are smart, and working for a potential suspect, they can simply eliminate everyone’s DMs messaged by their clients. However, Jay also said that this would strongly suggest that his client is guilty.

As of now, Jay Doe hasn’t concluded the investigation, so for now, we have to say that Levine isn’t guilty of shutting down Instagram, but that won’t stop our commitment to finding the truth.

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