Is Chris Pine Really Chuck Tingle?


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Hello countrymen of the Internet! Andrew here. welcome to today’s edition web_crawlr,

Good Friday! We crawled the web for you And our top stories today are about this: TikTok is bragging to Congress that it “wasn’t”platform of choice“For Capital Rioters, an early QAnon influencer cheering when he resigned from the political situation, wildly baseless claims Spreading on TikTok, and One Person Taking the Word “Quiet Quitting” very literal,

After that, our culture editor tiffany he has”on the internet this week” column and choose here to share with you meme of the week,

see you tomorrow!

– aw

Today’s top news

Tiktok brags on Congress that it was ‘not the platform of choice’ for January 6 rioters

TikTok claimed that it “didn’t like the platform” For january 6 rioters During the hearing in Washington DC

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Mob as QAnon influencer resigns from leadership position with local GOP

Early QAnon Mover Tracy “Beanz” Diazu resigned from his position Horry County, South Carolina with the Republican Party.

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social media
Tiktokers spread wildly baseless story of child sexual abuse in the wake of Patreon layoff

claims don’t add,

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Activist films herself whispering she quits job on day one after looking ‘pathetic’ to her new coworkers

A woman recentlycalm down” Rather literally when it came to quit his job,

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️ on the internet this week

By Tiffany Kelly

Chuck Tingle Profile Image Man with pink bag on his head saying 'Love is real' against gray background (L) Chris Pine smiling in front of gray background (R)

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock


Why the Internet Loves the Chris Pine-Chuck Tingle Theory

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️ web crawling

Here’s what else is happening on the ‘net.

A TikToker posted a 17 second video that shows him Cooking Eggs in a Food Warmer In a hotel that has been visited by more than 2.6 million Times.

a Twitter The whistleblower claimed that the company not attempted To search for suspected foreign agent on its pay scale.

The Daily Dotcrusher‘ Vertical, one who checks Crossroads of Races and Games OnlineIts latest article on how a professional cheerleader watched the women’s game highlights, That’s why he highlightedHER. decided to launch,

a starbucks baristathe video serves as a public service announcement For customers: When a store seems under-employed and busy, It’s probably best to avoid ordering A Frappuccino.

with these smart baby gadgetsBy closing your eyes for a few seconds, you will not drown in worry.,

a waffle house waitress Is speaking for myself After rejecting a customer she says repeatedly disrespecting him,

Pandemic, without live performances among musicians Depends on streaming services To stay afloat,

A woman on Tiktok says that she Received “Toxic” Advice From Your Manager during Performance Evaluationmore advice a discussion broke out among thousands of spectators.

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meme of the week

FX/Hulu’s . of this meme Bear Have everyone pretend they’re a chef by putting in a little effort while preparing an easy meal.

yes sir meme


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*First published: September 16, 2022, 12:00 pm CDT

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Andrew Wierich

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