Kanye West accuses Pete Davidson of using Kim Kardashian as a ‘pawn’

Rapper Kanye West has accused ex-wife Kim Kardashian of making her ex-boyfriend a pawn in divorce proceedings. This allegation has come through a post on his Instagram account. In the post, Kanye mentioned as if he was talking to Pete Kim, well that he was the pawn sent to disrupt everything.

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In the publication, the singer also stated that Pete would lead her to commit crimes, so that she would stay away from her children. He pointed to Pete’s tattoos, which were done in honor of Kim and her children. It was reported that Davidson sought trauma therapy after Kanye posted messages about her to the network.

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According to the case notes, Kim filed for divorce 7 years ago. Earlier this year, the two were officially declared single, and Kim was able to strike up a relationship with Pete Davidson. Recently both of them broke up. Kanye published part of a conversation with his ex-wife about raising children. The rapper wants children to be part of the school he founded, which seeks to unite young people in Christ. However, Kim disagrees and has enrolled two children in regular schools.

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