Kanye West posts more private conversations and Kris Jenner moves

Kanye West returned to social media and made a series of publications pinning the Kardashian family. It all apparently started with the fact that Kim didn’t enroll her two daughters at Donda Academy, a school built by Kanye himself to bring up young people with confidence. This led to many fights, and even revealed private conversations between them. In some messages it can be seen that the other person asks them to stop posting their personal problems on social media.

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The rapper also mentioned the Kardashian clan matriarch Kris Jenner. According to her, Chris would not persuade her daughters to pose in Playboy, as were, according to her, Kylie and Kim. That’s when Chris asked his daughter to send a message to her former son-in-law: “Stop using my name, I’m not well and that makes me stressed,” she said. Among controversial publications, the singer also accused his ex-wife of trying to arrest her in a psychiatric hospital. He also compared his situation with the Kardashian family to the plot of the 2017 film Get Out.

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West said he would always put himself on the “front line” to protect his children. He dropped outrage in the tweet saying that if he was ‘arrested’ it would be the fault of his ex-wife’s family. Still, he makes himself available in the following message: “I’m in the field, come get me,” he said. The post was later removed on social media.

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