Man arrested for trying to touch Rani’s coffin


after passing Queen Elizabeth II Last week, the coffin of the late monarch lay at Westminster Abbey this weekend so that members of the public can pay their respects to the beloved British royal. Thousands of people have descended on the English capital for the chance to honor Her Majesty, including David Beckham. Despite the solemnity of the occasion, the shocking actions of an evil mourner have led to things becoming scandalous.

An unidentified man has been allegedly arrested by a London constable after he climbed onto which the Queen’s coffin is placed, in an attempt to break away from the crowd and touch the coffin. Naturally, the guards stationed around the funeral display were able to apprehend and remove him from the premises, although the incident still shook the people around.

An eyewitness reveals his side of the story GuardianAlleged that the wrong person “push”[ed]”Her seven-year-old daughter got out of the way as she” walked up to the queen’s coffin, raised the standards and [tried] To… God knows what.” The witness said her daughter was “caught by the way and the police caught her within two seconds.”

The woman further explains that she and her daughter had been “queuing for 15 hours” before finally entering the abbey, only to have their experience interrupted by this incident. At the time of her interview, Sakshi was trying to get the two of them back inside so that they could “go around again, respectfully.”

The Queen’s coffin will remain in the kingdom until 6:30 a.m. on 19 September, before Her Majesty’s funeral rites later that day.

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