Meet the actors from Marilyn Monroe’s polyamorous group in Netflix’s ‘Blonde’

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After years of discussion and speculation, NC-17 appraises Marilyn Monroe biopic White It has finally arrived on Netflix.

Directed by Andrew Dominic, the film is an adaptation of Joyce’s Carol Oates book of the same name, starring Ana de Armas (knives out) as the iconic star in this fictional and controversial account of his fictional life and career.

White The film has made headlines and mixed reviews since premiering at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, leaving film audiences indignant with its graphic depictions of sexual violence. According to the critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes, the “hard to see” feature is “commenters among titers”. [Monroe’s] exploitation and its contribution. ,

In other words, proceed with caution—it’s a far cry from your typical biopic.

minor spoiler for White ahead.

Whatever the darkness, there is at least one sequence in the film One we couldn’t look away from, and that’s Monroe’s whirlwind romance with fellow cast members Charles Chaplin Jr. (Xavier Samuel) and Edward G. Robinson Jr. (Evan Williams). That’s right, in White’An imagined spin on Ms. Norma Jean’s life, she was once in a polyamorous group with two men—and they had no problem sharing.

Early in the film, as Monroe’s career is just beginning, she meets “Cass” and “Eddie” in the L.A. Actors Circle. They are some of the first people in Hollywood to see her for the star that she is, and soon the three fall into bed together.

But when Monroe plays a breakthrough role in Noiro Niagara, she is cautioned to limit her public appearances with her lovers. Although she becomes pregnant, she eventually decides to have an abortion for the sake of her career, and her relationship with men soon comes to an end.

So is there any truth to Marilyn Monroe’s group? And who are the striking actors who played Cass and Eddie in Blonde? Let’s dive in…

Who are Charles Chaplin Jr. and Edward G. Robinson Jr.?

According to TimeThere is no official record of a relationship between Monroe and real-life actors “Cass” Chaplin and “Eddie” Robinson. It’s a story that seems completely fabricated White, However, both the actors have a history with the star.

As you might have guessed, Charles Chaplin Jr. is the son of screen legend Charlie Chaplin—in modern parlance, he was a “nepotism child.” Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chaplin would eventually serve in the US Army during World War II, before pursuing an acting career of his own. Some of his more famous films include fangs of the wild (1954) and beat generation (1959). It is widely believed that Chaplin and Monroe had an affair at one time, which the actor also referred to in his 1960 memoir, my father, charlie chaplin, He died in 1962 at the age of 42 due to a pulmonary condition.

Edward G. Robinson Jr., like his friend Cass, was also Hollywood’s “nepotism baby”, whose son the ten Commandments Star Edward G Robinson. It is said that Chaplin had introduced Robinson to Monroe, and the two began a short-lived romance. The pair remained friends even after their separation, and she also made an on-screen appearance with some Like It Hot (1959). Robinson has also had several notable television roles, including Gunsmoke (1959) and get Smart (1969). He died of a heart attack in 1974 at the age of just 40.

Who is Xavier Samuel?

Samuel, Joe Cass in. play the role of White, is an Australian actor of stage and screen. He is probably best recognized as the 2010 Vampire Riley Bears Twilight: Eclipse, his first international breakthrough role, which earned him a pair of MTV Movie Award nominations. Since then, he has appeared in films like Fury, love and friendshipAnd this year’s other big biopic, elvis,

Who is Evan Williams?

Alberta-born Williams stars as Eddie White, One of her first major roles was in the Canadian television staple, Degrassi: The Next Generation, playing Kelly Ashuna, the one-time boyfriend of longtime central character Emma Nelson. He has a series regular role in the French historical drama Versaillesand has also appeared in shows like awkward, fuller houseAnd done by,

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