New chapter: Britney Spears publishes audio venting about the situation she experienced with her father

The soap opera behind Britney Spears’ life isn’t over yet. The singer published an audio narrating the various situations she experienced while being under her father’s tutelage. According to him, there were moments of pain and agony at the hands of his family, who always put him down and grabbed his money.

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In 22 minutes of audio, Muse announces that they literally killed him from the inside. According to her, the controls were so tight that they made her feel like ‘nothing’ and she accepted it. Brittany explained that she is afraid of people’s judgment, and so she usually doesn’t reveal many things about her side of the story. She doesn’t know what wrong she did that got her such punishment (excessive control from her father). According to him, at first everything was very confusing, and his mother and father were involved in the guardianship. According to the audio, a woman must have presented the idea of ​​guardianship to her father, and everything went wrong from there.

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Britney recounts the first day of her biggest nightmare in audio. According to her, more than 200 paparazzi at her doorstep filmed her taking her in an ambulance. “It was all set up, no drugs in my system. No alcohol, nothing,” she declared. After that moment, everything in her life began to take control. The message was promptly deleted ” It was demoralizing,” she said. The conservatism ended in 2022, and Britney is still struggling to get back 100% of her wealth and her life.

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