Lewis Hamilton’s record number of F1 British GP victories at Silverstone ranks

Lewis Hamilton has eight wins at the British GP at Silverstone – and could break a one-time F1 record this weekend if he wins again. But what is his best win in a home race of eight? Grand Prix wins?

2022 has been disappointing for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes as they struggle with the W13 and its porpoising and bouncing issues.

The team has fixed the porpoising that plagued it early in the campaign, but the car is now bouncing, thanks to the stiff suspension – meaning drivers Hamilton and George Russell are awkward as midfield fodder. Fighting for the podium.

This was buoyed by the recent running of slower speeds and road tracks in Monaco, Baku and Montreal, with Silverstone’s fast, smooth sweep expected to outperform the troubled machine.

Hamilton is looking for an eighth win in the last 10 Silverstone races – he was second in two he did not win – and a record ninth win at the British Grand Prix.

If he achieves it, he will eclipse Michael Schumacher’s record for most wins in a Grand Prix with nine.

Hamilton has eight wins at the Hungarian and British Grand Prix, while Schumacher has eight at the French GP.

But what is Hamilton’s best win at the British GP? Hit All eight wins to date are ranked – with one clear contender in front.

British Grand Prix win by Lewis Hamilton –

  • 2008
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
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Lewis Hamilton’s best win at the British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton’s first win at the British Grand Prix is ​​also his best – in fact, one of the best drives in world championship history.

It came in the form of torrential downpours at Silverstone on race day in 2008.

Hamilton qualified only fourth for McLaren after selecting the wrong suspension set-up, with teammate Hickey Kovalainen in pole position.

With the lights out, Hamilton rocketed to P2, almost taking the lead from the Finn on the first lap.

On lap five, Hamilton sprinted past on the stove, and that was pretty much it.

All great drivers have at least one excellent wet weather drive on their CV – think Ayrton Senna Monaco 1984 or Sebastian Vettel Italy 2008.

Great Britain 2008 belongs to Lewis Hamilton.

He simply disappeared from the road – and a slight smack in the abbey was the only speck on the copybook.

Hamilton finished the race 68.5 seconds ahead of Nick Heidfeld in second, leading everyone up to P4, with P3 man Rubens Barrichello being the only other driver on the lead lap.

Hamilton’s title rival Felipe Massa scored five times on his way to P13, two laps down.

It was Hamilton’s sixth win at the 26th Grand Prix in F1. Even now this is his best performance even after 97 victories.

2021 Fightback surpasses others

Had Christian Horner and Red Bull had their way, Hamilton would not have had the chance to add to his British GP victory in 2021 after a clash with Max Verstappen.

Hamilton was primarily blamed for pitching Verstappen in a 51g shunt with a copse tire barrier on the opening lap as his fight for the world title turned ugly.

Mercedes was slapped with a 10-second stop and go penalty, putting it on P4 in the race.

He overtook Lando Norris, Valtteri Bottas, before setting his sights on leader Charles Leclerc.

Hamilton took the lead in Kopse on lap 50 of 52 over Leclerc – in a move similar to the one on Verstappen.

The fact that Hamilton came back from a severe mid-race penalty just ahead of 2021 has Lewis Hamilton surpassing 2019 in a British GP win.

In 2019, he went wheel-to-wheel with teammate Bottas, before going long on strategy, hoping for a safety car.

It came when Antonio Giovinazzi beached Alfa at the club – ruining Bottas’ strategy as the Finn had already pitched – and was locked in a two-stop.

Hamilton stood up and was not seen again.

On 36 lap old tyres, Hamilton pumped in the fastest lap in the 52nd and final lap for his seventh win from 10 races to start the season.

Similar British GP wins for Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton’s third British GP victory in 2015 was thanks to a strategy masterstroke.

He used an undercut to jump off the fast-paced Williams pair of Bottas and Felipe Massa, and watched the set until late in the rain.

He called for the strategy to come fully to the intermediate tyres, just before the skies open.

The win follows just a 2016 incident in which Hamilton took another win in wet/dry conditions, as Nico Rosberg broke team radio rules and finished third.

Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

His 2014 win came courtesy of Rosberg’s gearbox in a failing W05.

Hamilton had caught himself in qualifying when he felt the track getting wet in the third quarter and skipped his final lap.

However, it was dry near the end of the lap, allowing Rosberg to take pole with Hamilton in sixth.

He was quickly P2 after the race resumed after an hour’s delay due to a barrier repair, and when Rosberg’s gearbox ran out on lap 29, Hamilton secured a second British GP victory.

Dramatic doesn’t mean best

Of his eight British Grand Prix victories, Lewis Hamilton’s 2020 effort is by far the most dramatic.

On the final lap, he suffered a left-front puncture at Brooklands, leaving him half a lap to limp home on three wheels as Verstappen hunted for a 30-second lead.

Hamilton gunned it between Stowe and the club, and took the flag just 5.8 seconds away from Verstappen – who would have won if Red Bull hadn’t done it as a precaution, leaving before a lap of Bottas’ left-front. Thank You for.

Hamilton’s ‘worst’ British GP win was a crushing performance.

In 2017, he recorded a Grand Chelem – pole, fastest lap, led every lap and won the race.

While it must have been a great drive on their part, it was a dull race.

It was his sixth win at Silverstone in the British GP, surpassing the five held by Jim Clark and Alain Prost.

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