The Way Princess Diana Changed the World and Why She’s Still So Sweet

July 1, 2022 would have been Princess Diana’s 61st birthday, and HITC takes a look at why the royal remains an icon to this day.

Princess Diana passed away 25 years ago but the world still loves her; Not only that, she has been the inspiration behind countless artworks and at least three films based entirely on her life.

Despite being a princess, she broke protocol several times, making her seem more trusting and grounded than other members of the royal family. After Prince Charles admitted to adultery, she shocked the world with the Revenge Dress, revealing the garment the media believed she deliberately wore to “avenge” her husband’s activity.

In honor of what would have been her 61st birthday, let’s find out why she’s so adorable.

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she was a devoted mother

Ahead of her titles and duties, Diana Spencer was first and foremost a mother of two children. Elle Magazine praised her for “redefining royal motherhood” for her commitment to giving Princes William and Harry a normal childhood.

Royal children were usually left at home under the care of a nanny while their parents went on foreign tours. However, Diana brought nine-month-old William along on her six-week trip to Australia in 1983.

It set the precedent for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to travel to Australia and New Zealand with Prince George in 2014.

Footage of the princess attending Prince Harry’s school sports day reappeared in 2020 and immediately went viral. Running barefoot in the race against other parents was a leap from royal protocol in which members were expected to keep their shoes on in public.

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fashion trendsetter

Diana was considered a fashion icon with her modern style choice and still has not been worn by any other royal before. The first female member to wear trousers at evening events, she did not adhere to the standards and experimented with a tuxedo jacket and bow tie. V&A fashion curator Ellery Lin told Vanity Fair: “It’s quite the bold, fun look that you wouldn’t expect from a princess.”

One of her most famous moments was the midnight-blue velvet gown she wore while dancing with John Travolta at the White House in 1985, which became known as the “Travolta Dress”.

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his unwavering compassion for others

His work with AIDS patients undoubtedly contributed to his popularity in the 1980s, a moment in particular in April 1987.

The day marked the inauguration of the UK’s first unit dedicated to the treatment of HIV and AIDS. At the time, the world feared the situation due to a lack of understanding, but the princess showed compassion as she shook the hand of a patient without gloves as part of her effort to destroy HIV and AIDS.

Shortly before his death, he was photographed walking through an active mine during a visit to Angola to call for an international ban on landmines. His trailblazing walk is credited with promoting the establishment of the Ottawa Treaty, signed months after his death.

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