Video of 60 people brawling on Carnival cruise ship is going viral online

A video showing a major brawl on board the Carnaval cruise ship has gone viral on Twitter, as it is alleged that the fight was caused by a threesome that is believed to have taken place on board.

According to an eyewitness, about 60 people were involved in the fighting, and resulted in the call of the US Coast Guard.

But where did the fight take place? Why did it break in the first place? Here’s everything we know…

Video of 60 people cruise ship dispute goes viral

Theresa James, a passenger told Fox News Digital That the fighting started just before two o’clock in the morning. It broke out on the fifth floor, which houses a dance club and a casino.

James alleged that the fight was caused by a threesome between the passengers that upset his significant others when he found out about it.

She dubbed those involved in the brawl as “stupid working idiots”, but gave credit to the onboard security team.

According to independent, crews aboard the cruise sought the assistance of the US Coast Guard, who launched a boat from Staten Island to take the ship to Manhattan. NYPD officers stood by when the ship docked, NBC informed of.

cruise line issue statement

The carnival issued a statement following an altercation on one of their ships.

“Last night when Carnival Magic was returning to New York, several guests at a nightclub were involved in an altercation. Thankfully there were no serious injuries and our onboard security team intervened.

“The ship arrived as scheduled this morning and the authorities were informed and met the ship to interview and examine the suspects and witnesses,” he continued.

Twitter’s reaction to the Carnival Cruise fight video

As footage of the brawl went viral online, people took to Twitter to share their thoughts on what happened. Some found the situation amusing and responded to the video with a laughing emoji, while others criticized the behavior of the passengers involved.

a person tweeted: “I knew I had to go on Twitter if I wanted to see footage of the Carnival Cruise brawl—and Twitter didn’t disappoint LOL.”

another Told: “60 people fighting on a carnival cruise so disgusting. People don’t know how to act in public. Why pay so much money to do something like this. So embarrassing all around.”

a former Carnival cruise passenger share Screenshot of a headline related to the brawl, and added: “I’ve been on 3 Carnival cruises and it really is a while!”

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