When is the KSI vs Alex Wasabi fight? Undercard details revealed

KSI is gearing up for another boxing match as it was recently revealed that he will fight Alex Wasabi. Luckily for you, we’ve got all the details about the fight, the undercard and tickets.

Lately, many YouTubers have been jumping on the bandwagon of the boxing fight. From Jake and Logan Paul to KSI, social media influencers have found a new career.

The news about KSI’s fight comes a day after it was revealed that Logan Paul had signed a contract with WWE.

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When is the KSI vs Alex Wasabi fight happening?

The KSI vs Alex Wasabi fight is set to take place on August 27 at the O2 Arena in London. The exact start time for the incident has not been released at this time.

This is not the first time that both the players will enter the ring. KSI has had the experience of being in the boxing ring since he had a match with Logan. Meanwhile, Alex goes up against KSI’s younger brother, Desi, and comes out as the winner.

There is no doubt that their fight is going to become a topic of discussion on the internet.

Fight Card Revealed

In addition to the fight between Alex and KSI, there are others who are listed in the fight card. The other two matches will be Phase Temper vs Blueface and Daisy vs Fossey.

They all have fighting experience. FaZe previously fought against King Kenny. While King was announced as the winner during the event, the results were later reversed, and FaZe was crowned as the winner.

Meanwhile, Blueface had a feud with Ken Trujillo and the rapper won against the TikTok star. In the end, Daisy and Fuji have fought in the past, but both do not manage to win.

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Will this program be broadcast?

The fight is about to take place at the O2 Arena. The program is also going to air on DAZN worldwide. There is going to be a pay-per-view event for fans in the UK, US and Canada. However, its details have not been revealed yet.

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