Who was the Technoblade? Minecraft YouTuber tragically passed away at the age of 23

YouTuber Technoblade has sadly died of cancer At the age of 23.

His family announced the devastating news on Thursday (June 30) in a video posted to their channel, titled: “So long nerds.”

“He was the most amazing kid one could ever ask for. I miss Technoblade. Thank you all for everything. You meant so much to him,” said his father, who owns a film studio , he said.

The internet star’s father also read a final message from Technoblade himself, revealing that his real name is Alex, before thanking fans for their continued support.

Tributes to the YouTuber are flooding Twitter, but who was he? Read on to know more about Technoblade…

Who was the Technoblade?

Technoblade, also known simply as Techno, was a 23-year-old American YouTuber best known for his Minecraft content. His real name is Alex, but we didn’t know it until after his death.

He has 10.7 million subscribers on YouTube, where his bio reads: “I play video games too much. I may not be the best, but my elbows are hot. ,

The San Francisco YouTuber never made an official face reveal and usually hid behind a pighead mask, but he did briefly make his appearance in several videos over the years.

He has 862,000 followers on Twitch and regularly collaborates with other YouTubers and streamers as well as a rivalry with fellow gaming streamer Dream.

The internet personality had three younger sisters and a brother who occasionally appeared in her videos as well as a dog named Floof.

Minions: The Rise of Gru | official trailer



Minions: The Rise of Gru | official trailer






He revealed he had cancer in August 2021

Alex, who lived with his father because his parents were divorced, announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer in August 2021.

In a video titled “Where Have I Been”, she revealed that she recently noticed that her right arm was hurting a lot and assumed it must be from playing the video.

“I took a few days to rest my arm and it really didn’t feel any better,” he added, adding that he noticed his right shoulder was “swelling” and assumed he had broken a bone.

“They did some scans and they told me my arm hurts because I have cancer,” he said, adding that he felt a little “silly” speaking about such a serious subject while playing Minecraft.

TechnoBlade said that after the scans came, he was transferred to another hospital, where he had more scans and biopsies before going in for chemotherapy.

Gamers pay tribute to Alex on Twitter

Technoblade friends and fellow gamers are devastated by the news and have been paying tribute to the much-loved YouTuber on Twitter.

YouTuber Schlatt wrote:

Slimecical tweeted:

Cr1TiKaL said:

Captain Puffy wrote:

Ted Nivison tweeted:

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