Wimbledon look-alike Elton John dubbed ‘Racket Man’ in funny meme

All eyes are on Wimbledon as the 2022 tennis tournament begins WeekWith men’s and women’s singles starting January 27.

Also known as The Championship, the world’s oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament has been held since 1877 at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London.

As usual, the tournament is played on outdoor grass fields with retractable roofs and this year’s championship runs through Sunday, July 10.

Novak Djokovic is looking to defend his 2021 men’s singles title and Polish player Inga Swietek is the favorite for women’s victory after 2021 winner Australian Ashleigh Barty hung up her racket.

Millions of people around the world are watching the tournament live, many of whom are stunned to see a certain celebrity standing on the edge of the court…

A look-alike Elton John stole the show at Wimbledon

Earlier this week, Wimbledon fans had to do a double take during a women’s match when they thought they had seen Elton John.

Many were convinced that they had seen I’m still standinThe G singer is standing on the edge of the court – but it was not him.

The woman in question is actually a line judge working the tournament and watching the game, but she looks like the famous popstar.

It is unclear who the person is, but he is one of 327 line umpires serving at Wimbledon this year and was seen again in the Alex de Minaur vs Liam Brody match on Saturday (July 2).

People are in disbelief as to how the pairing is, and many have taken to social media to comment on this strange resemblance.

That’s the Latest Viral Internet Meme

The umpire has become the latest viral internet meme and many people are making fun of his resemblance to Elton John on Twitter.

a person Told: “It’s that time of year when Elton John stops his tour to line-judge at Wimbledon.”

“Elton John fresh from his farewell Yellow Brick Road gig now has the best scene at Wimbledon. Racketman,” couple another.

a third person tweeted: “good to see @eltonofficial Today at Wimbledon… I see he’s still standing!”

more jokingly Asked “Elton John got a new job at Wimbledon this year?” And “Why is Elton John serving as a line judge at Wimbledon?”

However, this is not really a new joke as the line judges have been working at Wimbledon for many years and the same joke comes up in every tournament.

Wimbledon umpire called ‘racket man’

Social media users have given the lookalike a hilarious nickname “Racket Man,” a play on the singer’s famous track rocket Man And a tennis racket.

“I’m a racket man… #wimbledon2022,” a person wrote,

another jokingly said: “Elton John is about to take out the Racket Man… #wimbledon #wimbledon2022,

“Elton John saw #wimbledon #RacquetMan“a third person Told,

The pranks have been going on since 2019 – but it will never get old!

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