Olivia Wilde Denies Disagreement With Florence Pugh: “I Have Nothing Against Her”

Olivia Wilde talks about rumors of an alleged fling with Florence Pugh behind the scenes of “Don’t Worry Darling.” In an interview with Stephen Colbert last Wednesday (21) on The Late Show, the director and actress clarified rumors surrounding the production.

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According to Page Six, Pugh was reportedly uncomfortable with the heated conversation between Olivia and Harry Styles on set, as Olivia was then married to actor Jason Sudeikis. Soon after, he hooked up with the singer.

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Wilde denied any disagreements and praised the hero’s performance. “He is sensational in this film. He is brave enough to listen to the brave people who come before him, which everyone else ignores and trusts his instincts, and he is brave enough to dismantle the system”, Director says.

“As good as Florence Pugh is, she’s a superhero. At dramatic work as she is in action. The movie has real action sequences. She has a run, which I call her ‘Tom Cruise run.’ The most impressive run is”, she adds. “I have nothing but respect for Florence’s talent. He is superb. He is on the sets of his film ‘Doon’ [Part 2] immediately. There is nothing better than a busy actress. ,

Olivia Wilde says, “I have nothing against her for whatever reason.” And she ends the matter with applause. “He pointed it out. I don’t feel like my leading male director is answering questions about his cast.”

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