Once Upon a Small Town Episode 6 Recap and Review: Shared Trauma

Once Upon a Small Town episode 6 recap and review: Shared trauma

Once Upon a Small Town () is a Korean romantic comedy drama series directed by Kwon Seok-jung and starring Choo Yong-woo, Park Soo-young, Baek Sung-chul and Jang Suk-yong. Episode 6 of Once Upon a Small Town lasts 40 minutes.

Netflix says this about the show:

A veteran from the big city moves to the country against his will, where he meets a police lady who is a city insider with a friendly secret.

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 6

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 6

This synopsis from the sixth episode of “Once Upon a Small Town” contains spoilers.

Episode 6 of Once Upon a Small Town begins with a look at the G-trauma Yule and how she lost her parents in a horrific accident many years ago. Back in the present, Ji-yul pulls Jae-young from the rubble the same way his father did years ago.

Ji-yul sees Ja-young in the hospital because he is unconscious. Just as he is about to hold her hand, Sang-hyeon appears and thanks Ji-yul for helping his friend. Ji-yul leaves the hospital feeling sad because Sang-hyeon is there, while Jae-young wakes up from his sleep and tells Sang-hyeon that he is fine.

When she asks how he got there, he tells her that Ji-yul told the police about the accident and helped get him to the hospital. He then mocks her by saying that she owes the doctor to being kind. Ji-yul leaves without saying anything when she sees how close Sang-hyeon and he are to her when he helps her out of the hospital and into his car.

At home, Jae-young tries to thank Ji-yul, but can’t find the right words. In the peach field, Sang-hyeon thinks about the time he saw Ji-yul waiting for him in the hospital parking lot. Ji-Yul has also come up with his own ideas.

The next day, Ja-boss Young fires her so she can rest, and she uses the time to thank Ji-yul for what she had done the day before. But Ji-yul isn’t at the vet clinic, so she leaves them some popsicles and goes to visit another neighbor. After the events of the final day, Ji-yul moves to the Columbarium for his parents.

On the way home, Jae-young and Ji-yul bump into each other, which is awkward for both of them. Confused at first, Jae-young begins to thank her for her help, but has to stop because she receives a very important call. As Jae-young Ji-fading sees Yule’s car, Sang-hyeon picks it up, and they go back to talk about the things they did to Majeong. Later, when she explains how he felt about her, he happily asks her to think about it some more.

Ji-yul goes to an old man’s house to see how his bull is doing. The bull is not doing well, and the man wants Ji-yul to put him to sleep and end his suffering. The bull has not eaten for a month. On the other hand, when the men of Majeong and Huidong get together that night, a fight breaks out.

People in Majeong call Jae-young uncultured because he has no parents, but Ji-yul has to make the difficult choice of finding the right medicine to ease the bull’s pain and end his suffering. Sang-hyeon tries to help Jae-young, even if it is only for a short time.

Ji-yul helps the bull cross the road as she walks to clear her head. The old man’s kind words to his longtime friend make the vet cry. Later, the man talks to Ji-yul about his parents, and it is revealed that he was the one who took care of Ji-yul when his parents died. They get along because of the bad things that happened to each of them, and the old man tells them that the people we’ve lost will always come back to us in some way or another.

End of episode 6 of Once Upon a Small Town

But just before Ji-yul leaves, the man says that he used to play with Jae-young when they were kids. It brings back a lot of memories and helps Ji-yul understand things even more. He finds her sitting by the river and thinks that Jae-young was his friend when they were children and helped him overcome the loss of his parents.

Ji-yul and Jae-young look at each other as memories of the time when they were children and are back in the flood. They are standing right in front of the place where they used to roam.

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 6. review of

Well, now that no one is being forced to do anything they don’t want to, episode 6 turns out to be a very heartwarming episode. Most of the audience was probably waiting for Ji-yul to remember Jae-young, and I must say I really liked how they brought the story back to him. When I saw the old man with the bull, I almost started crying. It makes sense that he knows her relationship with Ji-yul and Jae-young from all those years.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this episode though it really made me cry.

You can watch Once Upon a Small Time on Netflix.

production team

In August 2021, Choi Soo-young and Jung Keon-suk were the first two actors to be offered starring parts in the series. It was revealed later in September 2021 that it didn’t actually work. In May 2022 it was decided that Choo Young-woo would play Han Ji-yul, a native Seoul vet, and Park Soo-young, a local police officer, would play Ahn Jae-young. Main character in the series. Later in the month of May, Baek Seong-cheol was added to the cast as Lee Sang-hyeon, a charming young farmer.

Since the series was shot in a rural setting and featured animals, the production crew took care to ensure that everyone was safe throughout the process, from the creation of the script to the actual filming. He did this in consultation with veterinarians. The entire shooting, which involved the participation of animals, took place in the company of a trained animal veterinarian and an experienced animal handler. Production staff revealed the following information: “All props that came into contact with animals were carefully made of silicone to ensure their safety, and anything that could be potentially dangerous was kept out as possible.”



  • Park Soo-young as Ahn Jae-young, a local third-year police officer and city insider.
  • Choo Young-woo as Han Ji-yul, a veterinary doctor who comes from Seoul to take over the village veterinary hospital run by his grandfather.
  • Baek Seong-cheol as Lee Sang-hyeon, a young farmer who runs a peach farm in Heedong village.


Han Ji-yul. people around

  • Na Chul as Choi Eun-hyeong, a veterinarian who runs an animal hospital in Seoul.
  • Park Ye-ni Young-sook as a nurse.
  • Ha Yul-ri as Choi Min, a vet on the animal testing team of a foreign pharmaceutical company.
  • Lee Dong-chan as Grandfather Devak-jin, a veterinarian.

People of Heidong Village

  • Jang Suk-yong as Hwang Man-song.
  • Baek Ji-choi won as Se-ryun.
  • Park Ji-ah as Cha Yeon-hong, general secretary of the Women’s Union in Heedong Village.
  • As Yoo Yeon Kyong-ok, the mysterious woman with fierce eyes
  • Roh won as Yoon Geun-mo, a police officer in Jae-heedong village.
  • Kim Young-sun as Mal-geum, the chairman of Majeong-ri, the adjacent village of Heedong-ri, is patriotic for the initiative to deal with the affairs of the village.
  • Jung Se-yul as Kim Seon-dong

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