Panda Express worker says she records fake food temperature

An employee of Panda Express says she makes up the number when she is asked to report the temperature on the job.

The employee, Chloe (@chlo2official), posted a video sharing her joke on TikTok. Like most restaurant employees, she is sometimes asked to record the temperature of foods and ingredients in the store. And like most restaurant employees, she finds the task tedious. So she makes up numbers instead of checking the actual temperature.

Chloe wrote in the caption of her video, “Never have gaffe.”

@chlo2official has never sounded gaf #trending #getthebag original – Gloria Boyd

“It’s all a joke if you take this seriously and delete the app,” TikToker wrote in a comment on its video. But in the second comment, she says that maybe it’s just a joke sometimes. “N leave me alone because I do them most of the time when I’m lazy and this is done several times a day,” she wrote.

TikTok viewers reassure Khloe that she is not the only one to record the temperature. Several others who claimed to be restaurant employees shared how they pretended to check them out.

“I used to choose different numbers within the range,” commented one viewer.

Another viewer said, “No FRRRRRRRR I just write 2 degrees difference from the last temp check.”

A third wrote, “I just copied yesterday’s shift llamao.”

While most activists seemed to appreciate the joke shared, some onlookers didn’t think it was funny.

“Brother it takes 2 minutes,” said one user.

Another user wrote, ‘That’s why own employees get diarrhea.

Someone else said, “It’s a violation.”

Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and contacted Panda Express via email.

*First published: September 15, 2022, 5:05 pm CDT

Cecilia Lenzen

Cecilia Lenzen is a journalism student at the University of Texas at Arlington and a freelance reporter for the Daily Dot.

Cecilia Lenzen

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