Recap & Ending Explained Of Episode 13

The Forger family finally decides to get a puppy in the thirteenth episode of “Spy X Family”, which is named “Project Apple”. The show follows the foragers as they head to the pet store to shop.

spy x family episode 13
spy x family episode 13

After some time passes, Lloyd learns of a terrorist organization’s plot to eliminate the Vestalis foreign minister. Anya meets a strange dog with terrifying abilities. The following provides detailed information about the finale of the thirteenth episode of “Spy X Family”. further spoilers

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Spy X Family: Episode 13 Recap

With the intention of cementing ties, Ostania and Vestalis have held a summit with the goal of mending broken ties and laying the groundwork for lasting peace. As a result, Westalis’ foreign minister, Brantz, travels to the country adjacent to Westalis.

Meanwhile, the Forgers make their way to a pet store to buy Anya a puppy to win Stella. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have a particularly positive impression of the animals he meets there. Meanwhile, Lloyd is secretly taken to an important meeting, despite the fact that he has given an explanation that he is experiencing stomach difficulties.

The Westalis detective later learns that a group of terrorists are trying to kill the foreign minister to create tension between the two neighboring countries. Children currently enrolled in various educational institutions are represented among the volunteers for this effort. Having assumed the identity of the plan’s architect, Lloyd assists his colleagues in forcing a confession from one of the other students participating in the plan. The secret agents are surprised to learn that the terrorists are going to use well trained dogs with bombs to kill the foreign minister.

Anya and Yore are still on the hunt for the perfect canine mate in the meantime. While the former is chatting with a specialist, Anya goes outside when she sees a puppy that struck her by surprise. As a result, she decides to follow him and eventually comes across an empty house. Anya manages to find the white puppy she was looking for, but in the next room, she overhears people discussing how they should have killed the foreign minister. As soon as she learns of the danger, she prepares to flee but is immediately captured by a terrorist.

Spy x Family: Ending Explained that includes project details Apple

During the rule of the previous Ostanian administration, a secret project called “Project Apple” was devised primarily with the goal of producing animals with exceptionally high intelligence levels for use in the military. Tested repeatedly in many different settings. After the new government came to power, however, the entire project was scrapped.

By the time the researchers reached the midpoint of Project Apple, the animals had already been trained to some extent, and the research results were surprising. The unfortunate result of the termination of Project Apple was that the animals in its care were not properly cared for once training was completed. These animals are believed to eventually find their way into the black market, where they were traded between various buyers and sellers.

As a result of the fact that they were never properly disposed of, they eventually made their way into the hands of terrorists who intend to use them to carry out the assassination of the foreign minister. Because of their extensive combat experience, the highly clever and well-trained animals would cause Lloyd and his fellow soldiers a lot of trouble. It remains to be seen how the master spy will overcome such a haphazard but very effective plan that threatens peace in two countries that are adjacent to each other.

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How does Anya escape from the hideout of the terrorists?

When Yor finally comes to the conclusion that Anya is gone, she starts searching for him, shouting his name. However, the realization overwhelms him that he is not in the area, and so Yore decides to climb to the top of a nearby pillar to examine things from a bird’s eye view. As a result of the fact that her observations and previous evaluations are in line with each other, she begins to panic. Anya, who is captured by the terrorists, is brought before the conspirators, Keith.

He advises to kill Anya quickly and without regret to prevent jeopardizing the plan in any way. Meanwhile, the white dog manages to free himself and makes his way towards Anya, where he offers her protection.

However, the terrorists manage to scare him and he himself runs and hides behind Anya. Anya, who has the ability to read mind, thinks that she is indicating the direction of the phone for some unknown reason. The terrorists were stunned to hear the news that their two chickens had been stolen by unknown people, moments later when their phone rang and the news was delivered.

Also, Keith realizes that Chris hasn’t returned since morning, which is very strange to him. He instructs his soldiers to go to Plan B, but then learns that Anya and the dog have disappeared out of the blue. Taking advantage of the diversion, both the men immediately got out. While they are on the run, Anya learns that the white dog was able to see the future and sees that he is an esper like himself. They both end up back on the same block, despite the fact that they try to get as far away as possible.

Despite the other man’s efforts, Keith manages to capture the white dog, and the second man continues to chase Anya. Yor, on the other hand, arrives just in time to save her daughter and punches and kicks a terrorist out. As she holds Anya in her arms, she sternly tells those around her that she will not tolerate anyone touching her daughter in any way.

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