Roxanne Lowit: Death & Obituary What Is The Cause Of Death? New York-based fashion

Roxanne Lovitt: Death and Death What is the cause of death? New York based fashion

Roxanne Lovitt is dead and the cause of her death. She was a fashion designer in New York. Roxanne Lowit’s unique camera has been capturing the faces, people and places of modern culture for more than three decades. You have to go behind the velvet rope to see his unmatched work. When you look at her photos, it seems that you are witnessing the birth and celebration of fashion, art, theatre, film, bliss and aesthetic bliss.

Roxanne Lovitt

Roxanne Lovitt

Roxanne Lovitt: Cause of Death

Lovett, who was emerging as a photographer, took photographs of Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Kate Moss, Yves Saint Laurent, Johnny Depp, Madonna and George Clooney. When you look at their work, you not only get to see famous faces up close, but you also think about their beauty, vulnerability and humanity. It’s all captured by a passionate storyteller whose best means is her humble, caring presence.

She wasn’t just a photographer; She was a real artist who carried forward the work of Manet and Toulouse-Lautrec. His paintings do a great job of capturing the vicissitudes of life in Paris in the 1800s. His photographs, on the other hand, capture the creative elite of the past three centuries, providing an unmatched visual experience of the beautiful worlds of New York, Paris and Milan.

Lovett was a pioneer who always took his own approach to things. In New York, where he first worked, he designed clothing. But she realized that her real goal was to photograph a different kind, and she eventually came up with a whole new style of photograph that took her camera where no one else wanted to go: on stage at a fashion show. Back.

She took pictures of real people exercising, which the other photographers missed as everyone looked down from the runway. His “Ah!” The moment showed that he had a keen eye for brand new possibilities; She was always changing the fashion image. He went a step ahead and transformed his medium into great art.

Some of the world’s most famous museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Warhol Museum, and the Moscow Museum of Fashionable Art, house Lovett’s pieces. Her pictures will always be in the collection of the famous Kobe Fashion Museum in Japan. She has solo shows in New York, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and London, as well as group shows at the Gagosian Gallery, Colette and Art Basel Miami.

Lovitt’s photographs have long been a mainstay of the American, Italian, French and German editions of Vogue, as well as Vannes Honest, Tatler, GQ, W and many other magazines. Her creative advertising work has helped big brands like Acura, Armani, Coca-Cola, De Beers, Dior, Land Rover, Mot & Chandon, and Vivienne Westwood run campaigns that people will remember.

The famous photograph of Roxanne appears in 4 books. People (2001) and Moments (1990) are like visual time capsules of nightlife around the world. Backstage at Dior (2009), John Galliano and Roxanne Loit for Yves Saint Laurent (2014), and Pierre Birch (Pierre Berge), you can see how innovative and passionate the designers are.

Facts about Roxanne Lowit

  • Roxanne Lovitt was an American fashion and celebrity photographer.
  • Roxanne Lovitt was born and raised in New York.
  • Loit graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in new work with degrees in art history and textile design.
  • Her photos have appeared in several magazines, such as Italian Vanity Fair, V Magazine and French Elle.
  • She began playing with an Instamatic 110 camera gifted by Antonio Lopez.
  • Roxanne Lovitt died on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at the age of 80.
Roxanne Lovitt

Roxanne Lovitt

career life

Loit did not study photography in school. She went to school in New York and earned degrees in art history and textile design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Something he realized during his successful career as a textile designer. “I love to paint, but I didn’t have time to get people to sit for me, so I started taking pictures of them. I liked how I could see the picture right away, so I left my paintbrush for the camera .

Lovitt began taking pictures with his 110 Instamatic in the late 1970s. She took pictures of her own designs at the New York Fashion Show. Soon, she was writing about designers all over Paris, where models like Jerry Hall would sneak backstage to talk to her. There, she found her place (and her job) in the fashion world. “That’s where it was going for me,” she says. “Nobody thought anything was happening behind the stage, so I was single for years and loved it. I think I made it great because there are so many photographers out there now. But for everyone There is space.”

Her photographs have been published in several magazines, such as Italian Vanity Fair, French Elle, V Magazine and Glamour. She also uses them in a lot of her advertising work, such as campaigns for Dior, Barney’s NY and Vivienne Westwood.

solo exhibitions

  • 2011 Legendary Privacy; Kaune, Sudendorf Gallery, Cologne, Germany


  • Roxanne Lovitt: Moments (1990)
  • Roxanne Lovitt: People (2001)
  • Roxanne Lovitt: “Backstage Dior” Foreword and Fashion by John Galliano (2009)
  • Roxanne Lovitt: “Yves Saint Laurent” Foreword by Pierre Berge (2014)

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