Some digital marketing lessons from Ronaldinho’s Twitter account

Public figures and managers looking for inspiration in managing their social media may try consulting the profiles of some celebrities, rather than turning to unlikely experts found on the web, on the proper use of these new social Trying to take as many lessons as possible. Areas for online communication. One of the most followed sports personalities in the world is definitely Ronaldinho, one of them greatest brazilian footballerwho wore the jerseys of Barcelona, ​​AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, and who went on to win the World Cup (in 2002) and the Champions League with the Barcelona jersey during a glittering career.

Today, following his retirement from playing football, Ronaldinho continues to enliven his social pages with sparkling, playful and extremely entertaining content, thanks to which one can still feel all the talent and creative power that brought the player to life. distinguished during the most glorious moments of his career. , Celebrity profiles represent a very rich source of information for all communication enthusiasts, or for professionals who intend to make the most of their image to attract new business opportunities, in a particular field. To strengthen their reputation, but also to improve the overall performance of the company they are a part of.

a source of inspiration

Why would a serious and qualified professional, or one with a secure managerial position, turn out to consult the social profiles of celebrities? First, because it suits him: Seeking the services of an experienced consultant or professional in the field of online communication, or digital marketing, can cost really astronomical sums, while also losing a considerable amount of valuable time.

celebrities social mediaOn the other hand, it should be seen as the ripe fruit of the work done by others, specialized agencies or communications consultants, and therefore should represent a real goldmine for all those looking for a simple way to make tangible improvements in their And looking for a quick way. online communication. Celebrity message boards certainly won’t appear on the necessary strategic lines that animate their online communications, but are only the end result of this complex plan.

value of authenticity

For example, taking a closer look at Ronaldinho’s Twitter profile, managers and professionals alike should undoubtedly note the strong authenticity that shines through each post: Despite being over forty now, white hair is no longer the case. Clearly visible, Ronaldinho has no qualms about posting close-up photos that reveal his true age, or his status as a now-retired footballer away from the field of play.

The former Brazilian star shows himself for who he is at the moment, without fear of judgment or criticism that could affect his person (even through social). Even the top figures in companies should always expose themselves personally, always speak their mind and put their face to face no matter what. Network audiences greatly appreciate the genuineness, spontaneity of posted content, so managers and corporate executives should also follow this route for their own online communication on social networks.

The world of the Internet and social media should be regarded not only as a field of entertainment, as a pleasurable dimension to take refuge in when one has nothing to do, but as a real source of inspiration, good The way should be monitored and put down. Control in a precise and timely manner. Few people are able to understand the vast potential of the web and all the virtual pages we can access in an instant, with a simple touch of our finger on the screen of our cell phone. In fact, the web has a vast number of learning, entertainment and fun opportunities just waiting to be discovered.

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The information you seek is incredibly close to you; It may even be within arm’s reach. To find them, sometimes all you have to do is take out your cell phone and start looking.

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