Subway worker says customer accused him of cutting table

In a viral video posted on August 21, TikToker Michelle Keene (@m.alexis.k) shared an encounter with ‘Karen’ during her time as a Subway employee. Keane refers to a video posted by fellow TikToker Brandon Tyler (@paneraputhylips), where he recalls a customer who complained about the alleged restaurant’s cleaning techniques and shared his similar experience.

“Thinking back to the time my manager had to talk to me because a client said they saw me mopping a table,” reads the overlay text on Tyler’s video.

@m.alexis.k Right time to tell this story #customerservice #customerstories #customersbelike Original soundtrack – Michelle ️

Keane was shocked to hear that a similar situation had happened to him many years ago and shared his story. While she was mopping during her shift late in the evening, Keene says a woman had come to order. Tiktokar tells that she put down the mop, went around the counter, and washed her hands before serving the customer.

“With the bat, she’s already angry because she had to wait two, three minutes for me to do those things,” she recalls in the clip.

The woman reportedly continued to behave like ‘Karen’ and asked for the manager. Keene told him that the manager would come in the morning. The next day, the TikToker came to work and his manager immediately pulled him aside after going inside.

“My manager is like, ‘I had a lady call this morning and she told me she came last night and saw you wipe down the bathroom and dining room and then use the same dirty mop and then all Let’s clean the table tops and booth seats,” the manager reportedly told Keene.

After Keane denies the allegation and that there is no security camera inside the gas station subway’s dining room, the manager asks her to show him how she cleans the table. Keene says that the manager lightly threatened Keane that he would be in serious trouble if it happened again.

“I don’t understand how that customer even came to be, but the fact that someone else has experienced something similar drives me crazy,” she says.

Keene told the Daily Dot via email that part of her thinks the manager didn’t believe the woman, adding, “I feel like I’d have at least one write-up if she believed it.” would have got it.”

In the comment section, users shared their opinion on the matter.

“A manager should know better than to listen to the customer,” commented one user.

“Because he had to wait, he tried to get her out,” said another.

A third user commented, “I said, ‘How about this serious issue, you’re a low person today, goodbye.

Keene clarified in a comment that he left the job seven years ago.

“Okay. I never wiped all you tables. The issue was not just that it was cleaned with dirty water,” she wrote.


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*First published: September 15, 2022, 4:20 pm CDT

Lauren Castro

Lauren Castro is a reporter based in Austin, Texas.

Lauren Castro

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