Does Vecna ​​die in Stranger Things Season 4?

Stranger Things is back and it might be the scariest season ever.

Created by the Duffer Brothers, the sci-fi horror series makes no effort to hide its distinctive genre influences and Season 4 encourages viewers to remember one of the most iconic horror movies of all time.

Not only does Robert Englund star as Victor Creel in A Nightmare on Elm Street, but Vecna ​​also misses the Wes Craven film’s antagonist, Freddy Krueger.

Of course, Vecna ​​returns in the latest episode and the threat he poses to Hawkins and the wider world is potentially disastrous.

However, familiar characters are doing everything possible to stop his sinister plans. Now that all nine episodes are streaming, we finally have the answer to a pressing question: Does Vecna ​​die in Stranger Things Season 4?

,Warning: Major Stranger Things gets worse ahead,


Does Vecna ​​die in Stranger Things Season 4?

No, Vecna ​​doesn’t die in Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 9. His physical form is destroyed but the ending confirms that he still exists and will pose a threat in Season 5.

Watching the events of the season finale, Vecna ​​reveals to Eleven that she has formed an affair with the Mind Flayer in the Upside Down. He essentially plans to bring the Upside Down to Hawkins, aiming to bleed the dark realm into this reality.

Mike speaks with Eleven, delivering a speech that gives him the strength to break free and take on Vecna. Moving forward, Nancy fires a shotgun and shoots Vecna ​​several times and he sets her on fire, compromising her physical appearance.

However, the very end of the episode reveals that Vecna ​​successfully orchestrated his plan and the characters begin the Upside Down attack on Hawkins.

Before that, Will also thinks something is wrong with the back of his neck, suggesting that Vecna ​​and the Mind Flayer are in danger.

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix



Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix





Fans reaction on twitter

With an ending like this, it should come as no surprise that viewers have expressed some thoughts on Twitter.

View a selection of tweets:

‘I’ve never seen him as a villain’

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Vecna ​​actor Jamie Campbell Bower was asked if he was surprised to be a part of the Big Bad in Season 4:

“Ever since I got the audition, I was shocked! I was like, really? Me? But I was in this whole mode of dedication. Like, this is wild. Let it happen. I love villains. And I’m on this show. I love the villain, but I don’t see him as a villain.”

Elaborating, he added: “Obviously he is the point of our contention, as it were. But I never saw him as a villain because I understood him.”

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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