Stranger Things’ Jason Carver character explained and fate revealed

Jason Carver may not be the villain Vecna ​​is in Stranger Things Season 4, but he certainly is an antagonist, so here’s the character’s explanation and his fate revealed.

In addition to Vecna ​​(and perhaps the occasional Dr. Brenner), Jason (played by Mason Dye) is likely to be one of the most hated characters in Season 4 as he initially acts as a self-righteous school jock (and bully). Appears in form, but does he have more?

***WARNING: Spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Ahead***

Jason Carver in Stranger Things

Viewers meet Jason for the first time in Episode 1 as Hawkins High’s new ‘Golden Boy’. He is the captain of the basketball team, is dating the head cheerleader, and is blessed with dashing good looks.

He is first seen giving a rally speech to the school to motivate them to do better in the big game, but when Chrissy dies, at the hands of Vecna, as it turns out, the audience is shocked by this. A different side of the blonde boy is visible.

stranger things. Mason Dye as Jason Carver in Stranger Things. Ten million. Netflix © 2022 . Courtesy

Jason was already a badass to someone who wasn’t cool – ie all the members of the Hellfire Club – but his bad side kicks into gear when his girlfriend dies and he begins a manhunt for Eddie Munson. , who he feels is responsible.

Jason manages to wake the entire town into a ‘satanic panic’, claiming that the Hellfire Club is a devil-worshipping cult led by Eddie.

As far as Jason’s fate is concerned, he eventually meets his end after chasing Lucas and Max into the Krell House – still bent on believing there is a demonic cult they are all a part of – and fights with Lucas, mortally injuring him before he disintegrates on the upside. Pushes down into the real world.

satanic panic was real

Jason may have sparked a “Satanic panic” at Hawkins, but in 1980s America, it was a real thing — which is where the creators of Stranger Things got the idea.

In 1979, Dungeons & Dragons came to widespread public attention when one of the game’s ardent players, James Dallas Egbert III, went missing and was found dead by suicide.

Eddie Munson. credit: netflix

People believed that Egbert was too invested in playing D&D and that the game inspired him to explore steam tunnels. His case prompted parents and adults to view D&D as a diabolical act.

There was also the case of the West Memphis Three, where three teenage boys convicted of heinous murders did not commit simply because they listened to heavy metal and read books that many believed to be ‘wrong’.

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