‘The Boys’ cashed in on Adam Levine by leaking Deep’s DM

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boys Adam is continuing his tradition of skewering pop culture by putting Levine on the chopping block and ridiculing the singer’s deluge of alleged DMs who emanated from a married man to various women last week.

Instead of directly naming the Maroon 5 frontman, boys Chose instead between Chance Crawford’s The Deep and an octopus leaking a DM that looks very similar to real-life screenshots we found after Levine allegedly sent sultry messages to various women’s inboxes have seen.

Twitter account for Watt International, the fictional pharmaceutical company that created Super boys And serves as their marketing team, quickly denied that it was actually Deep in DM.

“These DMs are clearly tampered with, and were never sent from Deep’s account. It’s a vicious, ridiculous rumour, Deep apparently has never had sex with marine life. Emails, videos and Instagram posts are also fake!”

A Twitter user shared a screenshot from boys Clearly showing “#voughtlied” in a position to settle with Deep.

The phrase “your body is absurd” was reportedly sent by Levine to an Instagram user he was flirting with and has since become a viral meme on Twitter.

Although several women have now come forward with allegations of Levine sending inappropriate and flirtatious DMs with receipts to prove him, Levine has reportedly told TMZ that he was in fact cheating on his wife, Behati Prinsloo. Denies, with whom he shares many children, but acknowledged the “crossing the line” sometimes.

Summer Stroh, who was one of the early Instagram models to come forward with allegations about Levine, said she had an affair with the singer for almost a year and felt “exploited” and “manipulated,” according to BuzzFeedNews.

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