The Patient – Episode 4 “Company”: Recap & Review

Patient – Episode 4 “The Company”: Recap and Review


In the fourth episode of Patient Alan cannot sleep. He breathes in and out quickly as he fears what Sam will do to his new prisoner.

And yet, Alan is very calm when he talks to Sam. Sam talks about how strong the desire to kill the man has been (his name is Elias). But he won’t kill her until he talks to Alan, which he said he wouldn’t.

Sam wants Alan to help him. It is said that his plan to protect his mother did not work, but we have no evidence that he tried to do so. Therefore, Allen suggests that they try to take his mind off how he feels. He tells her to go to work and go about her day as usual.

Sam goes against her wishes, and Alan goes from a humble doctor to a frightened and angry prisoner. Elias finally asks where is he from the other room. Alan tells him that this “crazy” has caught both of them in his grip.

Candace stops them for a moment to apologize to Sam. She says that he really wants to change and that his reason for this is not because of his father. “He’s always been… just Sam.”

Alan keeps talking with Elias, who is blindfolded after he leaves. He doesn’t say who is holding him, but talks about the room he’s in. He tells Elias that his daughter must have seen that he has gone this far. Elias also fears that his parents will call the police.

Alan wastes time talking about his family. About his wife Beth, who died of cancer a few months earlier. and his son, Ezra, who became an Orthodox Jew. This made his relationship with Beth very difficult.

Sam has a bad day at work and asks Alan to tell him about it. He can’t take it anymore. He says that he will return to finish what he started.

Alan tells her to stay on task and even goes to a concert afterward to keep her focus away from things. Sam hangs up.

Elias begins to worry and asks Alan to tell his parents that he loves them if he dies. Alan says yes to her request, barely holding it together.

Sam comes home with a white noise machine, which he puts in Elias’s room so that he can’t hear them talking. He keeps telling Alan that nothing is working and going to work every day is a stupid idea.

Alan tries to put her at ease. Elias didn’t see the man’s face when he caught him, so he can still figure out a way to let him go.

Alan finally tells Sam to stop as Sam continues to walk to the door that leads to Elias. He suddenly shouts that Sam has to visit his ex-wife. Maybe this gives him the emotional blow he needs to stop feeling like murder.

Sam just shakes his head. stops looking at Alan. Stairs lead to the bathroom.

Alan tells him to turn off the noise machine in a quiet voice when he comes out, which is a risky move. Sam walks to Elias’ room again, but it’s unclear what he wants. He then unplugs the machine, leaves the house, and gets in his car.

Elias cries in his room, and Alan sings “Country Roads” in a soft voice to comfort him.

He finally says, “My name is Elias.” “Ilyas Petraki.”

“I’m Alan. Strauss.”

Patient - Episode 4

Patient – Episode 4

episode review

The writing and directing team for The Patient gets better with each episode in how it uses the psychological thriller’s unique, minimalist style to create great tension and drama.

Of course, the actors also deserve a lot of credit. Steve Carell is great. He is very convincing as a calm and caring physician, and then, at the drop of a hat, he is so compelled as a troubled prisoner who is about to lose it.

The show keeps bringing up interesting ideas about therapy, especially when it tries to show how real therapists are by showing different sides of Allen’s personality in different settings. Nevertheless, the patient holds his cards close to his chest in several ways.

Will Sam’s story be about how someone can change? Or to say that some of them are hopeless? We won’t know until we see what Sam does.

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