The Submarine Murder Case (2022) Movie Review – A Shocking and Jaw-Dropping Documentary

Robert Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a psychological thriller, in 1886.

In the book, Stevenson talks about the duality of man, which is the idea that everyone has both good and bad sides.

So why am I talking about this? Well, Into the Deep: The Submarine Murder Case plays with this idea and, during its 90-minute runtime, turns and distorts what we think we’re the weirdest Danish celebrity. Know about Peter Madsen. Emma Sullivan wants to make a film about an inventor known for building his own submarine. His latest creation is a rocket he built himself. What he gets in return is more than what he could have ever imagined.

Into the Deep: The Submarine Murder Case
Into the Deep: The Submarine Murder Case

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For those who don’t know about the matter, Into the Deep is about what happened before, during and after Kim Wall, a charismatic journalist with a bright future. When she dives into the UC3 submarine with him… and never returns. We will not say what happens here because to do so would be an injustice to this great documentary.

The way Into The Deep is put together is decidedly unusual, and at first it seems like it moves at different speeds and has different tones. But if you stick to it, you’ll be totally hooked in 20 minutes.

This true-crime documentary is unique in that the footage is original and unedited. It shows actual shots before and after the disappearance. With the film crews working this time around, we can see how concerned Kim’s friends and colleagues are for her safety and how they react to the various things that happen when the submarine returns to the surface. It makes the whole thing feel more real.

When we talk about immersive, the old news footage from that time really helps a lot in that. It’s usually a good way to spice up a documentary, but here, as various anchors report on new findings, it looks like you’re getting breaking news. This is supported by some newspaper articles from the time, and the film continues to switch between the past and those moments after Kim’s disappearance. Its final scene is really creepy, and it’s a great way to end things.

Into the Deep is one of those documentaries that will blow your mind if, like me, you know nothing about the matter. On the surface (I’ll try not to make too many submarine jokes), it seems like a pretty basic and straightforward story, but when the movie dives into the deep depths below, it reveals a shocking and scary truth. Which is hard to believe. This is something you have to see.

The murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall by Danish inventor Peter Madsen is the subject of the new Netflix documentary Into the Deep. It reveals more about the chain of events that led to the horrific ending.

Emma Sullivan, a filmmaker, is in charge of the documentary, which runs for one hour and twenty-seven minutes.

The director said that the original goal of the documentary was to follow and report on the work of Peter Madsen, a Danish inventor and businessman. The director told him about the project by writing, and he was soon on board. But everything changed when Peter and journalist Kim Wall went missing on the submarine on 10 August 2017.

The documentary does not go in a straight line; It goes on and on and on, starting from the day the person disappeared. We find out how the events happened in the sequence and what happened at the end of the trial. With this method, the documentary will keep you interested and engaged in the small details.

In addition to Peter, the documentary follows his intern and a group of friends as they go through a grueling process of coming to terms with what happened. In the video before Peter’s disappearance, they talk about him as a man with a lot of energy and drive. They also praise Peter in some ways, but they are quick to point out his flaws, because to them, Peter is an enigma.

They do their job and let the “crazy genius” work on their ideas. But the pieces of the puzzle don’t fit together until the journalist goes missing.

It is important to remember that the footage from the film helped with the court case that followed the trial. Because of this, there are many moments in the documentary that hint at who Peter really is and what he did. Everything is understandable, but only after the crime is committed.

Many things will make you think about Into the Deep. Start with a basic understanding of how people are and how they are both good and bad. For example, the documentary shows how Peter’s mean side is gradually revealed. At first he seems like a nice, charming person, but later, he turns into a brutal psychopath. Real life events are shown in such a way that will give you coolness and awesome new ideas.

This crime documentary is scary to watch as it is based on real events. Which is not made for people who are easily scared. Documentary is a great piece of investigative film which deals with serious and sensitive subjects. Overall, this Netflix documentary will make you feel something.

In the depths of the submarine murder case
In the depths of the submarine murder case

Netflix lets you watch Into the Deep online. Use the comments section below to tell us what you thought of the documentary.

On September 30, Into the Deep: The Submarine Murder Case arrives on Netflix. Emma Sullivan was making a documentary about the strange Danish inventor Peter Madsen and his homemade rocket when she found footage that blamed her for the murder of journalist Kim Wall.

In 2016, Australian filmmaker Sullivan began making a film about Madsen’s life and work. Madsen was famous in Denmark for building a home-built submarine with public money. Then he tried to build his own rocket and become the world’s first amateur astronaut.

After working on his project for a year, Sullivan filmed Madsen as he agreed to take Swedish journalist Kim Wall on a journey in his submarine. During that visit, Madsen killed the journalist and threw his body into the water. All that Madsen did to get ready, Sullivan captured it on camera.

Netflix said Sullivan’s film “shows a charming eccentricity that transforms before our eyes into a killer never-before-seen.” “More poignantly, she shows us the innocent excitement of amateur space missions and then follows the effects of the crime on Madsen’s supporters as they slowly learn the truth about the man they called a friend and mentor. was.”

Danish inventor and businessman Peter Madsen killed Swedish journalist Kim Wall in a submarine. In Into the Deep, a new true crime documentary on Netflix, the case is broken. The one hour and twenty seven minute documentary is full of horror and suspense, which reveals itself layer by layer.

Emma Sullivan is in charge of making the documentary, and it was shot in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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How did you get into Deep End?

Like every other documentary about a real crime, In-Depth begins with the crime itself. Peter Madsen, an entrepreneur, submarine engineer, and perhaps a rocket scientist, takes journalist Kim Wall underwater in his submarine. A reporter for a prestigious magazine accompanies him to write about his inventions and achievements. But things don’t go according to plan, and both Kim and Peter go missing under strange circumstances.

After some time, the merchant comes out and tells the press that the submarine went down. What happened to Kim Wall became the most pressing question.

The events that the film sees happened after August 10, 2017. Peter and Kim fled, and then everything went wrong. After watching the documentary, we know that Peter was arrested and that Kim’s body was not found for a long time. But most of the film footage is about what happened on the submarine and how it happened.

First, Peter tells a very different story about what happened. He tells the investigation team that he gave Kim a ride in the submarine and then goes back to pick her up. In the end he drowned, due to which he went missing. (All of these seemed strange and there was no evidence to support them.) When the strange inventor found out about the holes, he changes his report and comes up with a new way of keeping things in order. Is.

The way Peter tells the story in different ways, it seems that he is trying to mislead everyone. The documentary then begins with more proof of who he really is.

Footage from before Peter’s disappearance shows that he has some of the characteristics of a psychopath. When all the evidence later comes together, everything makes sense.

Peter finally says that Kim died in the submarine. But he creates an accident story to hide the truth. But it is too late for him to close any more holes now that the trial is starting.

In the end, justice is done, and Peter is imprisoned for the rest of his life. There is evidence that he did terrible things on the submarine, including in film footage.

The documentary is a horror look at both sides of people and the worst kinds of crimes that can be committed by their minds.

From 30 September 2022 you will be able to stream the documentary on Netflix. Tell us what you think about how true crime was portrayed in the section below.

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