These ‘Workplace Ties’ Jokes Prove That Gay Twitter™ Can’t Take Anything Too Seriously

It’s been a wild little week for a certain internet wife-guy, and like Marie Kondo, gay Twitter was ready to dive right into the mess.

The announcement of Ned Fulmer’s departure from online internet group The Try Guys hit social media Tuesday amid allegations of workplace inappropriate behavior and infidelity.

The drop was small and not so sweet:

Fulmer’s post personal post Addressed the rumours, confirmed her extramarital affair with a co-worker.

A line from his post struck a chord with many readers, as he says he “lost focus” and apparently described their affair as a “consensual workplace relationship.” This was likely in response to the online rumblings that the boss/employee relationship came with an underlying, problematic power imbalance.

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Unable to take anything too seriously, people on social media immediately began to associate this message with their favorite “consensual workplace relationships.”

To be fair, here are some caveats:

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Come on guys, this is serious.

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