This is why viewers are calling Ryan Murphy’s Jeffrey Demar series exploitative and painful

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last week . started of DAHMER- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story On Netflix, a multi-titled mini-series from prolific producer Ryan Murphy about the infamous gay serial killer.

While the series announced “Why?” was accompanied by crying. and then?,” dahmer Sold himself on doing something different. Rather than trying to find some sympathy for the man—which other projects have done before—or worse, glorify his crimes, the series is said to center on his “underserved victims and their communities.” who question systems that “allow one of America’s most infamous serial killers to continue his killing spree in plain sight for more than a decade.”

But, by most accounts, dahmer has failed to make the case for its existence. Now that viewers have had a chance to watch it, many are calling the series unnecessarily exploitative of Dahmer’s dramatization of unconscious crimes:

The fact is that these were real people, many of whom have friends and families still living with this trauma today. in one piece for insiderRita Isbell – victim Errol Lindsay’s sister shared that she was not approached by the show despite her name and resemblance appearing on screen.

“When I watched some shows, it bothered me,” said Isbell, “especially when I saw myself—when I saw my name on the screen and this woman was taking literally what I said. If I didn’t get any better Had I known, I would have thought it was me. He had the same hair as mine, he had the same clothes. So it felt like it was all living again. It brought back all the feelings I was feeling then was. “

Her Cousin Also Takes To Twitter To Outline The Traumatic Effect Like A True-Crime Series dahmer The victim’s family is on:

There have also been talks about the casting of Evan Peters as Asphalt. A regular in Murphy’s stable of television productions, Peters is undoubtedly a capable actor. But she is the latest in a long line of charming stars who have been tapped to play a serial killer, fueling claims that these true crime series are guilty of glamorizing murder, among other things. .

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as dahmer Memes and thirsty tweets have begun to circulate about Peters-a-Dahmer, with many expressing their dismay for the way the series is being talked about online:

And, amid the flood of tweets about the series, a handful have pointed That Peters Demar looks and sounds an awful lot like New York comedian and writer Joe Pera, who was praised by critics who talks to you Adult Swim ran for three seasons.

Gawker Spoke with Pera about the tasteless comparisons, and the comic offered a very brief extract. dahmer And other true-crime series like this one:

“I don’t know what to learn from Jeffrey Dahmer in 2022. I think the money should be given to people who want to build worlds with a little imagination, not just make Jeffrey Dahmer’s story over and over again. “

so be it. So maybe let’s put this serial killer tales to rest for a while, okay?

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