This New Game Queer Questfest Is What You’ve Been Looking For

New 3D Platformer from Ustvo Games Desta: Memories Between The queue is full of repressed memories and balls tossed around. Who can relate?

The development team described the game as “a character-driven rogue-like, with an immersive story, strategic turn-based strategy and … a metaphorical ball-game?”

That’s right, it looks like one of the game’s main action mechanics is a dodgeball-like point-and-click in the dreamscape of the main character’s mind.

Desta joins an incredibly small number of non-binary gaming heroes like UndertaleThe character of Frisk and Titanic Hollow Knight.

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Ustvo says that the game is “a story of broken relationships, words left unsaid and a chance to explore your dreams for answers.”

The game is meant to be a relaxing play for steady gamers and casuals alike, with a chill soundtrack and visuals to keep the gameplay vibes just right.

New content must come down, too; The developers plan to keep the game’s “Challenge Mode” updated weekly, with new characters, abilities, and chapters being added to the story over time.

It is recommended that players play the currently available version on a good-sized tablet, but a full desktop version should be coming to Steam soon.

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The game is now available to play on iOS and Android through the “Games” section of the Netflix app. It’s free to play for all Netflix subscribers with no ads or in-app purchases.

After Dave Chappelle’s row was pulled, Netflix has had to deal with it with queer community ties. recent things Heartstopper Renewal, Hannah Gadsby’s new comedy special, and this new game could be a way to fix that messy relationship.

Watch the new trailer for Whimsical Desta: Memories Between:

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