This Trans Film Is Pulled From TIFF And People Are Already Rallying Around It

What good is parody law if we can’t use it to transcribe the gender of certain characters?

public joker Loosely adapts the content of the film clown The story of a trans stand-up comedian featuring several notable DC Comics characters.

The crowdfunded, equal parts progressive and absurd film was set to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Following a strongly worded letter from Warner Bros. Discovery, the film was allowed to its original premiere, but all subsequent screenings were dropped from the festival’s lineup.

On the festival’s website, the film’s page displays a message that reads, “The filmmaker has withdrawn this film due to rights issues. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

After much speculation, director Vera Drew gave an official statement on the situation:

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It’s understandable that Warner Bros. Discovery is in a desperate position to protect its IP at the moment.

The big announcement of a merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery has been surrounded by controversy, from that weird HBO Max/Discovery+ demographic analysis leak to dozens of properties being pulled from HBO Max for allegedly avoiding paying royalties on them. For.

A series of strangely publicized moves cost the company billions in market share in a very short period of time, so the general hesitation is understandable at the moment.

Allowing an indie trans Joker movie to have its moment in the sun may have put them a good way toward winning back some goodwill with the online queer community, but it seems like the time has passed for it.

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The film’s removal from the festival has prompted fans across the web to write-in for TIFF’s “People’s Choice” award.

“We’re the only movie with ‘people’ in the title, so it’s only fair,” Drew wrote. a tweet on Thursday.

Fans are also lobbying for the film in the hashtag “#FreeThePeoplesJoker”:

While the next steps for this team are not yet clear, Drew has assured fans that he will get a chance to see the film soon:

public joker A few more festivals have stalled in the immediate future, but the search for a distribution partner is on.

The development of the film was the work of a large audience of over a hundred creatives and donors. It seems like the future of the film is also in the hands of its supporters.

Watch the trailer for Parody Faltu public joker,

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