Tom Hardy still finds time to grapple with other sweaty men

We’ve seen Tom Hardy ducking in Warrior And popping his pectoral as a bane the dark Knight Rises, After a surprise entry to a jiu-jitsu competition in Milton Keynes, England, this week, fans were delighted to learn that the actor is still taking people to the mat.

poison The star entered the competition under his given name “Edward Hardy”, which caused little shock upon his arrival. Once the tournament started, it was clear he wasn’t just in for novelty.

He scrambled to the competition, took home the gold, and looked bumpy as hell while doing so:

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Although none of the contestants expected Tom Hardy to dominate that day, it looks like everyone was having a great time.

A spokesperson for the contest told The Guardian, “Everyone recognized him, but he was very polite and was happy to have people take the time to take pictures with him.” “It was a real pleasure to see her compete in our program.”

Martial artist Danny Appleby, one of Hardy’s opponents in the competition, says that everyone immediately recognized the star.

“I was shell-shocked,” he tells a local outlet. ,[Hardy] Said, ‘Just forget it’s me and do what you normally do.'”

Appleby called the actor “a really strong guy… probably the toughest contestant ever.”

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Naturally, the thirst is oozing out on social media:

Even his opponents are encouraging the thirsty behavior, saying “I haven’t washed my gear, I think I might auction it – it’s Tom Hardy sweating it out.”

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for eBay listings.

Everyone volunteers to go ahead in this video of one of Hardy’s take downs:

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