‘Werewolf by Night’ director didn’t have a backup star in mind

Gael García Bernal was the only option for Werewolf by Knight

Image: Alberto E. Photo by Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney / Marvel Comics

Fate got a way, as Michael Giacchino revealed there was no other choice for the title role werewolf by night If Gael Garcia Bernal Not signed on the dotted line.

The comic book character has been far from a household name, but it’s now skyrocketed in a big way by the Giacchino-helmed Disney Plus specials. After a surprise initial screening at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, fans were treated to a Q&A with Giacchino, who had a lot to say on the project.

One of the biggest questions asked was the casting process, and if there was another name he was considered for the role.

“When I started thinking about it, the only person on my mind for that role, and it’s true to God’s truth, was Gail. I worked with him in a film called cocoa, He’s amazing in that movie, because he’s in everything he does. I kept thinking ‘he’s the perfect person for a wolf’. I didn’t want a big fan, I just needed an honest person. He played that role in a way no one else did. ,

Continuing, Giacchino talked of offering him the role, leaving him in deep fear of rejection from the cast of his dreams. Quite the opposite, as Bernal was on board, and was especially pleased that there was no cape.

“I kept wondering what would happen if he said no, because I had no other choice. But thankfully he said no. he was in immediately, like immediately, […] He was also so happy that he didn’t have to wear a cape.”

werewolf by night There are also a number of first-time characters for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Elsa Bloodstone and Man-Thing. The latter of which was surprisingly practical on set, the team used a number of methods to make it work.

The special is destined to be just that: a special. Giacchino later said that he had no further projects in the works, but Disney park concept art showed both the Man-Thing and the Werewolf coming to the Avengers campus soon by Knight.

werewolf by night Will be available to stream on Disney Plus starting October 7.

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