Where is Lance Standberg Now?

In August 2012, Ronald March was killed as a result of a horrific attack on a street in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. However, because both individuals have a history of hostility towards each other, the authorities were able to easily convict that person. The documentary, titled “Fear Thy Neighbor: Hell-Bent”, which can be found on Investigation Discovery, focuses on the series of horrific events that led to Ronald’s death as well as the attack. In that case, why don’t we learn more about what happened at the time?

Ronald March Murder

Ronald March Murder

How did Ronald March die?

It was said that Ronald William March was an avid reader and that he was an intellectual. The Vancouver resident was remembered by those who cared for him because he was soft and kind, and always went out of his way to help others in need. The 57-year-old victim had recently moved to a senior compound in Burnaby when the incident took place. On the show, it was discussed that at the time, Ronald was being treated with medication for lupus, which is an autoimmune condition.

In the late afternoon or evening of August 8, 2012, a neighbor in the 3400 block of Renfrew Street heard Ronald’s screams and found him lying on the ground behind a building covered in blood. Ronald was covered in blood. The neighbor dialed 911 without delay, but by the time emergency personnel arrived, it was too late. Ronald had received twelve stabbing wounds, and when his throat was slit, his jugular artery was cut. It was determined that he had died on the site itself.

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Who killed Ronald March?

After conducting their investigation, officials found that Ronald March was in trouble with the law for being previously involved in a dispute involving another man named Lance Standberg. The day Ronald was murdered, he had settled in the seniors’ residence on campus. However, before that, he was living in a separate government funded flat. There, Ronald lived next to Lorre RenĂ©, who was Lance’s neighbor until that time.

According to what was shown on the show, Lorre had several health problems and relied on Lance for assistance. Despite the fact that he cared for her, people made assumptions about the nature of their relationship. On the other hand, because Lance worked as a seasonal oil worker, he was often absent from his family for several days at a time. The show states that Lorre eventually becomes dependent on Ronald, who will help him move things around and take him to the store to buy groceries. However, as time passed, Ronald’s health problems made it difficult for him to do so.

In one incident, Ronald Lorre was driving when he lit a cigarette while they were in the car together. According to the episode, Ronald requested her to turn it off, but he didn’t, so he was forced to kick her out of the car when she didn’t comply. After that, Lorre accuses Ronald of beating her, and he imprisoned her for the crime before changing her mind and dropping the charges against her. After that, she shared the information with Lance, and as a result, she attacked Ronald. The hatred for each other persisted when Lance launched another attack against Ronald. According to the content of the broadcast, Lance hit Ronald with a metal pipe.

Ronald had filed a report with the authorities about the incident, but officers were unable to locate Lance as he had fled both times. In the end, Ronald decided to move out of that flat, and on 8 August 2012, he successfully completed the move. After further investigation, it was revealed that Lance, who was 47 years old at the time, had filmed the incident and was suspected of driving behind a truck. However, he later opposed it. The officers were under the impression that Lance was waiting for Ronald before killing Ronald. After a brief search by law enforcement on 9 August, he was taken into custody in the early morning hours.

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Where is Lance Standberg today?

After his arrest, Lance Standberg claimed he was innocent of the murder and had nothing to do with it. When asked why he was recording Ronald’s moves, he said that he thought Ronald had taken something from his storage without his permission. On the other hand, the police found Ronald’s blood inside Lance’s car. Despite the fact that for some reason his first trial never came to a verdict, the trial in November 2014 found him guilty of first degree murder. Lance was sentenced to life in prison, although he has the potential to be released after serving 25 years. According to the information we have, he is currently serving his time in a prison located in the province of British Columbia.

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