Where is Peter Madsen’s Ex-Wife Jenny Curpen Now?

The documentary film “Into the Deep: The Submarine Murder Case”, which can be streamed on Netflix, is a film that really lives up to the film’s title, and as such, is simply described as terrifying, compelling and can be done. Bone chilling all at the same time. After all, it chronicles the disappearance of Swedish journalist Kim Wall in 2017 and the murder at the hands of Danish inventor Peter Madsen to shed light on the shadowy side of the truly human experience. But for the time being, if all you want to do is find out more about one of the most recent figures to enter the class of convicted murderers – Jenny Karpen, Russian-Mauritian – we have everything relevant for you here. Have Information.

jenny karpen

jenny karpen

Who is Jenny Karpen?

Jenny is an opposition activist, a creative artist, an illustration designer and a former journalist who is not only shameless of her fanatical views but also her ideology. She is from Russia, but she does not hide the fact that she is from Russia. It is true that he was forced to flee his country in 2012 to avoid being persecuted for supporting the opposition; Nevertheless, it does not seem that it had a significant impact on his life as he was granted political asylum in Finland. It was said that this former employee of the news website Grani.ru, which has since been banned by authorities in Russia, initially traveled to Ukraine, and then traveled from there to Finland in search of additional stability. .

As for Jenny’s relationship with Peter, she personally reached out to him in the fall of 2018—after he was convicted—as part of her Madsen art project, which is much more rapid than it was at the time. has developed. Hence, their first visit to the prison was around the beginning of 2019, and finally, they decided to get married on December 19, 2019, at the Herstedvester facility in Albertslund, where he is imprisoned. It is important to note that despite the art project as well as her vision for it, the then-39-year-old woman told BBC Russia that her marriage was as genuine, honest and supportive as it could possibly be at any given time. . This is something that should not be ignored.

On January 12, 2020, Jenny wrote a post on her Facebook profile in which she said, “My husband has committed a heinous crime, and he is being punished for it.” “However, knowing him for real [grants] I have a special right to declare that I am fortunate to be with the most attractive, intelligent, talented, dedicated and sympathetic person and person in the history of both categories. My husband is one of two people who were hurt as a result of his criminal activity, and the fact that he is still alive is a punishment in itself. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the “thousands of bizarre, silly, silly, or hostile comments, messages, and threats” that he had received; But, this did not change his feelings.

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Where is Jenny Karpen now?

Since Jenny and Peter are happily married in the hope of a better future, a lot of things have changed, including the fact that she no longer supports him the same way she did in the past and that she has Divorced in the initial part. of 2022. In April, the fashion designer posted on her public social media site that “it was a difficult decision because of the whole scenario, it was a moral choice like almost all important decisions in life.” “It took more than a year to come to this conclusion and put it into action, and I hope that now both of us will be able to continue our lives according to our wishes, and in the case of my ex-husband . for his opportunities.”

Jenny continued by saying, “We were together for about three years, but it seems like we were put in, given the ten circumstances.” It was a wonderful and terrifying moment, and although it cost me dearly, it gave me a lot. It was a time that I will never forget. I continue to have respect for my ex-husband, and I wish him happiness, new achievements, and a bright future as can only be imagined given the circumstances of his life.

With regard to the current location of Jenny, as far as we know, she is still found in the Norden region. There, she plays her roles as an artist and an activist. Along with being a family lady, she gives an impression of being completely satisfied in the present moment.

When did Jenny Karpen marry Peter Madsen?

According to Jenny’s Facebook profile, Madsen was married on December 19 this year.

She married him as part of his “Madsen Art Project”, but she claimed in an interview with BBC Russia that their marriage was real and had nothing to do with her artwork alone.

Additionally, Madsen used Facebook to announce the news of his marriage to Jenny.

On January 10, 2020, he sent a message that said, “I will not be able to access the Internet, and I will not be able to receive or respond to your communications.”

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How did Jenny Karpen and Peter Madsen meet?

Jenny said in an open post on her Facebook page that the two began exchanging messages in the fall of 2018, after being sentenced to prison for the murder of Kim Wall.

Then, in 2019, a photo was shared on his Facebook page showing what appeared to be a metal tag from a prison visit, and a scrap of paper he was carrying that revealed part of Madsen’s prison address. was. This information has come to light after the picture was posted.

The prison where the killer is spending his time is Herstedvester, located just outside of Copenhagen.

Jenny Karpen, ex-wife of Peter Madsen

Jenny Karpen, ex-wife of Peter Madsen

What has Jenny Karpen said about Peter Madsen?

Jenny is not shy about discussing her feelings on her marriage to the serial killer and her opinion about him.

She said the following on a Facebook post published on January 12, 2020: “My husband committed a terrible crime, and he was punished for it.”

“However, knowing him for real gives me the irresistible right to claim that I am lucky to be with the most beautiful, intelligent, talented, loving and sympathetic man and boy in the history of the world.

“My husband is one of the two people he wronged, and the fact that he is still alive is a punishment in itself.”

She also expressed displeasure at receiving “thousands of bizarre, silly, silly, or hostile comments, texts, and threats of a physical type” from many so-called normal, law-abiding good persons.

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