Who Is She? Tygh Runyan’s Family, Wife, Children, and Net Worth in 2022

Sarah Lind: Who is she? Tyig Runyon’s Family, Wife, Children and Net Worth in 2022

Sarah Lind, previously married to Tyig Runyon, is a member of the same fraternity of professional actors that she is. He is a talented actor who has appeared in the television series Mentors, True Justice and Edgemont. His most recent role was in the film Edgemont.

Furthermore, she is famous for being previously married to an American actor named Tyg. Even though the couple is not living together at the moment, that hasn’t stopped people from discussing their relationship in various online forums and communities.

Cyber ​​citizens are still inquiring about the timeline of their relationship and are curious to know. Continue reading if you are one of the many members of the population looking for some information to gain some understanding of their coexistence.

tig runyan
tig runyan

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Sarah Lind, wife of Tyig Runyan

Tyg Runyon is a famous actor and musician, and his ex-wife Sarah Lind is better known as Sarah Lind. In 2008, while they were still together, X attended a wedding ceremony.

American actor Tyig best known for his roles as Fabian Marchel in Versailles and Dr. Robert Kane in Stargate Universe. Both these performances are among his most memorable performances. On the other hand, he is a member of the band Corridor, which is based in Los Angeles, and he performs music professionally.

Runyon and Lind’s seemingly perfect marriage took a less than happy turn as time went on. On August 14, 2020, the former couple finalized their divorce. The well-known actress took to Twitter to break the news that she and her husband have officially divorced.

The actress gave the impression that she was thrilled with the news that they had legally separated. As she posed for the camera, Lind wore a long gray glittery pencil skirt, a plain T-shirt with a knot and sunglasses. She also wore a pair of sunglasses.

He ended the caption of the tweet with not just one, but three exclamation points. The caption of the tweet had all characters capitalized, and he used all capital letters. One user called her “the bright trousers of freedom” in her post.

However, the reason for the end of their marriage is unknown to this day, and it remains a mystery. Neither Lind nor Runyan have made any meaningful comments about the reason for the dissolution of their marital happiness. None of them have given an explanation.

Regarding the offspring that Runyon and Lind have produced, it appears that the former are the proud parents of two young ladies. Despite this, the identities of their children remain unclear on the Internet to this day.

Back in 2018, Runyan uploaded some of his pictures with the two little girls. Many users on the website have speculated that the little one pictured is the musician’s child. However, till date, specific information about his girls is kept secret.

Regarding the current status of Lind’s romantic relationships, it appears that the Canadian actress is involved in a romantic partnership with her current boyfriend, Travis Stevens. On May 10, 2022, she published a picture of them together on her Instagram account with the message, “Sure love this guy.”

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Tig Runyon’s relationship explained

On February 23, 2021, Lind uploaded a picture of herself and Travis to her Instagram account and shared it with her followers. She added the caption to the picture, “We’ve been like this for three years.” Although it appears that they have been seeing each other since 2018, the specifics of their relationship are yet to be verified.
Actor Tyg Runyon has won numerous awards for his work in various feature films, including 15 Minutes with Robert De Niro (2001), K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) with Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson, Antitrust (2001). Are included. With Tim Robbins and Snake on a Plane (2006) with Samuel L. Jackson.

Runyaan is perhaps best known for his roles in these films, which have helped make him a household name. The Immaculate Conception of Little Diesel (2009), Twist (2003) with Nick Stahl, Normal (2007), Mount Pleasant (2006), A Night for Dying Tigers (2010), Various Positions (2002), and opposite Sir Ian McKellen Emil (2003) has earned him awards and critical acclaim. Tieg has a passion for independent film.

In the film Stanley’s Girlfriend (2006), directed by the great Monte Hellman and starring Runyon, who played cinematic master Stanley Kubrick, the film made its world premiere at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Tieg, a longtime collaborator with Mr Hellman, also starred as an obsessive film director in his 2010 epic Road to Nowhere (2010), which was awarded a special Golden Lion Award at the 67th Venice Film Festival.

Road to Nowhere (2010) earned a Special Golden Lion Award. Runyon, who made his television debut on the teen series Northwood (1991), appeared as a regular guest star on a number of successful television shows including Dead Like Me (2003), The L Word (2004), Stargate Universe, and Stargate Universe. 2009), and the Peabody Award-winning Battlestar Galactica (2004).

Along with another actor named James Hutson, Tyig founded the Amigos Solos Theater Company in the year 2001. His performance of David Mamet’s American Buffalo, which was directed by Larry Gilman, a founding member of The Actors Institute of Los Angeles, was welcomed. Critics.

He has played guitar since he was a child, and at age 19, he co-founded the experimental rock band Beans with two friends from high school. They released five albums through various record labels and toured widely. Additionally, Runyon was the lead guitarist for the alternative rock band The Awkward Stage. As a composer, Tig’s work can be heard in the feature films Control Alt Delete (2000), Various Positions (2002), and Red Deer (2000) (under the Beans name) (2008). Due to his work on the score for the short film “White Out”, he was considered for a Leo Award nomination (2004). In the Corridor Band based in Los Angeles, he plays both guitar and keyboards.

Runyon is a graduate of the Film/Video program at the internationally acclaimed Emily Carr University of Art and Design. In addition, he maintains a busy schedule directing and producing his own productions for his firm Foreverbad Media Ranch. Most recently, he wrapped production on the science fiction short film Ecclesiae (2014), which he wrote and directed. He is currently in the process of developing several feature film concepts.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, United States to parents who were studying overseas at the time. Runyon holds dual citizenship in the United States and Canada. Due to the fact that he spent his childhood between Vancouver and a small fishing community north of Denver, Colorado, he considers himself a “citizen of the world.”

Actress Sarah Lind, best known for her role in the television series The Mentors, is currently 40 years old. On 22 July this year, he celebrated his 40th birthday with family and friends.

She made her television debut at the age of 15, when she played the role of fourteen-year-old girl Laurie in the television film The Lost Daughter. At the age of 16, Lind was cast in the role that would prove to be her career-defining breakthrough.

There is an age difference of six years between the Canadian actress and her ex-husband, better known as Tig Runyon. Runyan’s present age is 46 years. On June 13 of this year, the American musician reached the age of 46.

Discussing the specifics of Lind’s height and other body measures, it has been determined that his height is 5 feet 4 inches. In addition, there are other dimensions of her body: unfortunately, the exact information about the height of her ex-husband Tyig is not yet disclosed.

Sarah Lind’s Estimated Net Worth in 2022

As of the year 2022, Sarah Lind has a significant portion of the net worth. Ever since she was a teenager, the actress continues to work in the entertainment field till date.

As an actress, the web sensation born in Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada earned a significant portion of her income. In 2001, Lind published his own collection of poetry and essays as a chapbook under his own name. The collection spanned more than two decades.

In fact, he is said to have sold several copies of his little chapbook to a library in Ontario. As an actress, Sara has 59 credits to her name on her dedicated page on IMDb.com. In contrast, her ex-husband Tyig has ninety credits as an actor to his name.

Lind, along with Vanessa King and Dominic Zamprogna, are the only three actors to have starred in all 70 episodes of the Canadian television series Edgemont, which aired from 2000 to 2001 and totaled 70 episodes. Lind is best known for his performance in Edgemont.

In addition to her work as an actress, she directed one of the short films in the 2021 Exclusive Shorts competition. In his career as an actor, he has appeared in a variety of roles, including Cody in the film Fetching Cody. , Rita in the horror film Seward, Sarah Montgomery in True Justice, and many others.

The successful career path that the Canadian web personality has maintained till date would have allowed him to earn a huge amount of money. Having said that, the exact figures of her net worth are still uncertain today.

Moreover, she is an actress who has won many awards. For her performance as Jennifer in the critically acclaimed television series Edgemont, Lind was honored with not one, but two Leo Awards. After that, she was awarded the third Leo Award for her performance as Erica in the film A Simple Curve.

tig runyan
tig runyan

quick Facts

Name Sarah Lindo
profession Actress
age 40 years old
height 5 feet 4 inches
birth details 22 July 1982, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
husband Tyig Runyon (married. 2008 – 2020), Travis Stevens (partner)
nationality canadian

questions to ask

How old is Sarah Lind?

Sarah Lind is 40 years old. He completed 40 years on July 22, 2022. The actress was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Who is Sarah Lind’s husband?

Tyig Runyon was Sarah Lind’s husband as of 2020. The former couple exchanged wedding vows in 2008; However, they divorced on August 2020. The main reason behind the couple’s divorce remains unclear till date. Sarah is currently in a love affair with her current partner, Travis Stevens.

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