Whoopi Goldberg Throws Major Shade At Lindsey Graham With This Joke On The View

Whoopi Goldberg and (inset) Senator Lindsey Graham
Whoopi Goldberg and (inset) Senator Lindsey Graham (Photo: YouTube)

Whoopi Goldberg inspires laughter sight Yesterday with a joke about Lindsey Graham… before producers clarified to her that she was just “joking”. She then quipped “Maybe I should never do this show again.”

sight Tomorrow hosted by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She referred to Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina’s new federal abortion bill.

Jean-Pierre pointed out that Graham had already said a few weeks ago that individual states should decide on abortion. Last week, he introduced a federal bill to limit abortions nationwide to 15 weeks.

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Jean-Pierre said, “Senator Graham said probably a month ago, in early August, that he believes that when it comes to marriage, when it comes to abortion, the states have to decide. Would that happen, Senator Graham, what has changed?”

Goldberg jumped in again and said, “Maybe he’s getting married.”

This left the audience laughing. Goldberg then added, “Hurry it up because I know people are messing with our marriage rights no matter where you stand.”

You can see from mark 3.12 below.

When the Supreme Court ruled in overturning Roe v. Wade, Justice Clarence Thomas said same-sex marriage may also need a re-evaluation. Democrats are now trying to pass legislation to protect same-sex marriage at the federal level.

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Rumors about Senator Graham’s sexuality have been circulating for years. Goldberg’s mockery was a clear nod to him.

Whoopi Goldberg: “I Probably Should Never Do This Show Again”

After a commercial break, Whoopi Goldberg addressed the camera, indicating that the producers of sight Spoke to her and asked her to clarify that she was joking.

“Before I do this introduction I have to clarify that I was doing what I was doing as a comic. Sometimes I joke, and it was a joke. Nothing more. People’s jokes I just got a whole conversation about misunderstanding you,” she says in surprise. “I mean, well, I probably should never do this show again if this is what it’s going to be like.”

Online commentators were mostly unimpressed.

“I’m from South Carolina: This is the most famous secret in our ‘conservative’ state. Whoopi threw major shade. And I’m here for it,” said one.

“I hope the scene didn’t make her apologize. She was a good shady dig, even as the audience laughed. I’m so sick of the cancellation culture and the fake outrage,” said another.

Of course, some right-wing celebrities duly expressed outrage. Major Republican donor and TV pundit Dan Eberhart was among those who called Goldberg a bigot.

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